Fun Math Activities
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Fun math activities, especially math games for kids, are a great way to learn without knowing it! 4,000 homeschoolers come up with fun math activities from preschool up through high school.

Fun homeschool math activities and ideas from 4,000 homeschoolers in The Courageous Homeschooling Handbook.

Part 3 of the Courageous Homeschooling Handbook brings the largest group of homeschooling families ever together in one book to share the best teaching ideas to help with fun ideas to teach math.

Homeschoolers prove that, particularly for children under 10, you don't need to buy anything to help your child learn. You can do it all with fun math activities and games. From baking cookies to making a time clock and inventing your own board game, you can move beyond the strictures of a classroom and teach real-life math.

"With my youngest we start math by counting everything for fun. Toys, scoops of coffee, apples, etc. They don't even know they are doing math."

~ Jennifer, Part 3: The Courageous Homeschooling Handbook: Homeschool Help

N.B. Please note the third Courageous Homeschooling Handbook is not solely about teaching homschool math. It also covers how to teach reading and writing as well as help with challenges like dyslexia, autism and anxiety. More info. here.

Please note that the book links on this page are affiliate links so if you buy I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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Best Board And Card Games For Teaching Math

games for teaching math

Using board and card games to teach math is a winner all round.

Math doesn't have to be a battleground! The surest way to make teaching fun is to find the best kids games so your kids pick up math skills while enjoying themselves.

Hear why a professional math teacher says board and card games are by far the best way to teach math.

Kids Activities: Games for Preschool

There's no better way to get kids off to a flying start than when they're tiny! Kids are never too young to begin learning to count and we've got some lovely homeschooling games from music to I Spy in our page on preschool math activities.

fun preschool math activities

If you'd like some more fun math activities to slip in some preschool shape and symmetry, come and make a homeschool butterfly and eat your own Gummy Bear bar graph with these fun activities.

building block

Kids Math Games for Kindergarten

Playing shop has to be one of the greatest fun maths activities ever! All children love playing at being big people and buying your favorite things while practising all the basic maths skills has to score all round. From toy cash tills to card games, homeschool cooking to finding their own weight, see if your child would like to have a go at these homeschooling ideas for kindergarten math games.

Fun Math Games for Kids: First Grade Up

Meet the locals by doing a dog survey in your local park, get out the Lego and start making your very own models from scratch - they're all hands on homeschooling and fun maths for kids!

Kids at this age love playing Top Trumps.

make your own top trumps

They are incredibly popular and teach maths number comparison extremely well. I'll show you how to go about creating your own.

If you encourage your child to make their own set, you'll succeed in doing something they can be very proud of.

Making kids maths games that really work take the professionals years to develop; here's a homeschooling game your child can make which is so good their friends will love to play!

You'll also find out how to make a homeschool time clock which can keep time all the way until bedtime!

Fun maths for kids with our favorite homeschooling board games.

From classics like Cluedo and Monopoly, to more unusual games like Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne, they've all been number tested by William and Catherine and found fun!

You can get your child to invent their own homeschooling number code too and see how their friend's maths skills measure up.

Fun Maths For Kids

One of the best maths activities for kids is to make your own board game.

Warrior cats Monopoly

I'll be looking at more homeschooling fun maths for kids, but this time to fit in with more festive times of the year. How about Christmas Math Activities? A positive, relaxed time playing games in the holidays can do a great deal to restore your kids belief in their own ability. We've got fun math activities to try with everything from a homeschool geometrical tree to Chocolate Log.

I'll also be covering how to:

homeschool math made easy
Free online math games

A Special Fun Math Activities Website

"I started looking for math lessons I can do with my daughter at home to help her out and I found your page which had a ton of great games that we found helpful.

My daughter also found this page which has a ton of math lessons, help, and fun learning games.  After a few weeks of home practice, Layla is back on top and doing so well.  Layla asked if maybe you could include this on your page?  She thought other students (whether they are struggling or not) would like it too!  Layla has definitely benefited from the resources there."

~ Shelly

  • This is such a brilliant recommendation thank you so much Layla. You will find activities like a coin memory match game, dollar a glass business game and a garage sale wizard game.
  • You'll find how to invent your own homeschool Monopoly set and all our other homeschooling ideas for ages 6-11 in our Elementary Activities.
Homeschooling ideas brainstorm book witth 500+ learning activities

Please note that the book link on this page is an affiliate link so if you buy I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

The Homeschooling Ideas Brainstorm Book has a whole section devoted to fun math activities with suggestions to help your child develop a life-long love of numbers.

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