Christmas Math Activities
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Christmas math activities add to the festive fun. There are lots of math games you can do which teach number skills while everyone enjoys themselves.

Maths might not be quite what you had in mind for Christmas Day!

But think again.

In fact, I don't think Christmas would be Christmas without playing some kids number games!

The main problem with maths for many kids is lack of self confidence.

A positive, relaxed time playing games in the holidays can do a great deal to restore your kids belief in their own ability.

The lead-up to the festive season offers all sorts of opportunities to build in some maths.

Fun Math Activities

christmas tree geometric snowflake
christmas tree
  • Decorate your Tree with Geometry.

There's nothing more Christmas-y than a well adorned tree.

You could make everything from snowflakes to snowmen as symmetrical shapes.

Add a drop of glitter and hang from your tree!

You can find lots more fun ideas for teaching geometry.

  • Fantasy Present Shopping.

Go online or use a store catalogue and get your kids to choose whatever they want - within a budget!

As fun math activities go, the sky's the limit. Fancy a trip to the International Space Station? That's maths with a lot of noughts!

My children William and Catherine love looking at the Lego catalogue as part of their homeschool maths and imagining all the sets they might buy for Christmas.

It's more fun, of course, if you can give your child some real money to use so they can work out how much they'd spend to buy their friends' presents.

  • And you can give Christmas math activities a special twist by adding a bit of homeschool writing as well with our free kids writing worksheets.
  • Mince Pies and Chocolate Log. Baking is a great way to sweeten Christmas math activities. From weighing out ingredients to counting the numbers of pies, get your kids cooking!

Christmas Math Board Games

Henny from my Courageous Homeschooling Facebook group recommends these games:

photosynthesis game

Photosynthesis is for age 8 and up, though reviewers say younger kids enjoy it too.  "Photosynthesis is a beautiful game that will catch your eye." ~ one of the 162 Amazon reviews. Available in the UK here.




"Playing board games with Daddy is always great for watching my daughter's progress in her math." ~ Henny

spy club game

"Her favorite is Spy Club (still math in this game!)" ~ Henny

Free Christmas Math Game

You might well enjoy this game which has 557 Amazon 4/5 stars and is free:



  • "This game is a lot of fun! I love math and even though this is simple math, it is great fun with strategy involved. I would recommend this game to anyone!"

Kids Maths Games for Little Ones

advent Christmas tree
  • Advent Calendar. Opening those doors is a perfect way of learning how to count up to 25!
  • Carols: The Twelve Days of Christmas. An ideal counting game. Older kids could help add up all the gifts.
  • Add counting into as many activities as you can: how many presents are there under the tree?

Math Activities for Kids on Christmas Day

Settlers of Catan

In our house, Christmas games on the Day are part of the ritual. And every year, it just so happens that our favorite family game happens to have lots of maths in it!

Father Christmas can be relied upon to have brought a few fun math games on his sleigh.

What will suit your family will be different from mine. But, with a little forethought, I'm sure you'll be able to choose something that fits the bill.

From classics like Monopoly and Cluedo, board games are a great way of picking up all sorts of essential maths skills while you digest your pudding.

Make your own board game for free

Best of all, we can show you how to make your own Monopoly game!

You could try some of our homeschool favourites like:

  • Settlers of Catan (age 10+).



  • Agricola (age 12+) - definitely not one of those activities to be tackled when you're a little the worse for wear and not too much math in it, but a William and Catherine Christmas favorite:



  • If you're already fans of Agricola, you might like to know that William and Catherine have asked for the newest version called Caverna from Father Christmas and I think he's agreed!



There are lots more suggestions for homeschool math and games in our page on third grade Math Activities.

The fun homeschool activities don't stop there as you can see for Elementary Math.

We even manage to make homeschool fun with fractions.

Christmas activities for kids

Come and join us making Christmas snowflakes, crackers and homemade cards.

The secret with Christmas math activities for kids is to keep the games fun.

When I was a child, we spent a lot of time playing balloon tennis on Christmas day.

If you think about it, hitting a balloon over a string net in front of the tree has plenty of maths in it - the hard part is keeping score after you've popped one!

Homeschool gift guide

You'll find some great suggestions for gifts which bring Math in by the back door in this lovely guide to magical presents.

So Christmas math activities don't have to cost anything, they just have to be fun!

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