Space For Kids:
Free Planets Printable, Games, Facts, Activities and Astronauts!

Space for kids picks out the best activities and ideas for all ages.

You'll find:

Space for kids has a free planet printable, lapbook ideas, model probe and solar system, the best websites, games and activities.

  • fun games
  • how to make your own Space lapbook
  • free solar system trading cards
  • watch the new NASA Mars Rover being built live
  • follow Apollo 11 on a real-time journey through the first landing on the Moon
  • build a homeschool space probe
  • watch astronaut Chris Hadfield and the inspirational Brian Cox

And see how amazing the Universe really is.

Space for kids
free printable
free planets printable

Get your Planets printable here.

"My daughter Ava has been learning about astronomy in science class. She found your page and it's been so great for her I wanted to reach out and thank you.

I can't remember the last time I've seen her so excited about something - especially school-related." ~Linda

"So good thank you." ~ Kellie

Space Games For Kids

  • NASA's Space Place has some great free space games. One of my son William's homeschool favorites is Quest for a Comet where you are in charge of an orbiter and lander and have to transmit data back to Earth.
  • They also have this free pdf of space activities with popular hands-on projects like making:
  • star cookies
  • a cloud mobile
  • a CD Saturn
  • a Moon habitat.

You can build your own space mission at NASA's jet propulsion laboratory. 

They also have interesting space video shorts about Jupiter's Moon Europa and What is a Dwarf Planet?

Best Space Websites For Kids

Galaxy Zoo
  • Stellarium is a planetarium software that shows exactly what you see when you look up at the stars. It's free.
  • Help science by looking for planets around other stars.
  • Galaxy Zoo is similar to the above, where you can help astronomers explore the Universe
  • Zooniverse links you into Solar storm watch, the Milky Way Project and many more.
telescope and stars

"It has a bunch of computer games all about astronomy. Trevor has played a couple of them and is super into them from what I can see. I was thinking maybe this was something other visitors to your site would like it as much as my son." ~ Cynthia

Thanks Trevor what a great suggestion.

apollo rocket
  • "If you are doing anything about Space for kids or science in general, then you need to check out this NASA Flickr account."

~ Joe

astronomy website
  • Ava has suggested this great astronomy website for space for kids.  It has tips on buying telescopes, tells you about constellations and famous astronomers - and has space games too!

Thank you Ava for suggesting it.

Space Activities For Kids

Voyager space probe model
  1. You can have fun turning straws into antennae to make you own homeschool Voyager kids model space probe.
  2. Make a model solar system complete with cotton wool Sun and modeling clay planets. 

Here's my son William with his homeschool model of the Planets:

Build a solar system model with free planets print out in this fabulous science projects for kids.

Space For Kids Lapbook

space lapbook

Bianka from my Courageous Homeschooling Facebook Group shared this wonderful space lapbook her son Christiaan made.

You can see how to make it and get free printables to go with space for kids activities on my page here.

Watch Live As NASA Builds The Next Mars Rover

This is awesome.  Watch LIVE in real time as NASA technicians build the next Mars Rover (called Mars 2020.)

You can even join in a live chat to ask questions about it Monday through Thursday at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. PT.

Send your name to Mars

You can also send your name to Mars here.

Thanks to Monica from my Courageous Homeschooling Facebook support group for finding this.

Free Solar System Trading Cards

solar system trading cards

Amazing Space has some great homeschool resources.

You can get these FREE Solar System Trading Cards.

This would make a wonderful activity.  Have a look on my page here to see ideas for how to make your own Top Trumps

Watch The Moon Landing

Apollo 11 Moon landing

Join the Apollo 11 mission at one minute to launch. 

Watch film and audio footage form Mission Control, including all the space-to-ground audio.

What an amazing space resource for kids.

Space Studies

Jennifer has some fabulous suggestions for homeschool space studies:

  • Sing planet songs - check out YouTube there are TONS!
  • Watch Magic School Bus shows & read tons of books.
  • Surf the NASA website like crazy.
  • Play with magnifying glasses and focus heat on a chocolate bar vs one that is left alone in the sun to talk about light waves and focused/concentrated energy to discuss thermonuclear fusion & the sun.
  • Play with prisms and discuss how the atmosphere bends light waves.
  • Do a solar eclipse activity with a globe, flashlight & styrofoam ball.
Earth structure
  • Boil eggs to show the "crust, mantle, core" concept of Earth's structure.

        (Bonus they learn to boil eggs!).

  • For Mars you can make a solar cooker, learn about alternative energy sources, biodomes, and alternative food growing concepts.
  • Put flour in a baking pan & drop marbles to learn how the lack of atmosphere on Mercury relates to the formation of craters on planets.
  • We are lucky to live near the Space Coast in Florida so we went to see launches in person ...

Good luck! Spaces Studies are always so much fun!!!

~ Jennifer, Courageous Homeschooling Facebook support group

Space Party Food

Space party food

Brilliant ideas for space party snacks including rocket wraps and Earth cookies.


Lego space shuttle on Amazon

This is one of my son William's favorites!

Discovery space shuttl

There's some great sets which make space for kids really fun.

Make a Space Globe

Make Your Own Space Globe

Download, print and make your own planetary globes for free!  This Science Center working with NASA let's you make your own, including Jupiter and Mars...

Books On Space

smart kids Space book

"We are on a space theme and we got a few books last week, one about space and the solar system, I am going to take a picture of it and post it, my kids loved it." ~ Monica :)



"Space is a huge favorite topic of ours and one that we come back to time and time again.  I have managed to whittle our favorite books down to just three.  My absolute favorite is the one by Adam Ford named 'STARS: A Family guide to The Night Sky.'  Quite pricey but it's beautiful and can be broken down into stargazing in the different seasons, it includes a star map of the Northern Sky and gives a real insight into star gazing. It also includes games and stickers which the kiddies love."

~ Samie, Courageous Homeschooling Facebook Group

books on space

US Amazon

Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Space for kids really comes alive with Astronaut Chris Hadfield!

Our family went to see Chris speak about his time in space and he has become one of our heroes.

Here he is performing a simple science experiment designed by High School students on surface tension in space using a wet washcloth.

We really enjoy his book: An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth and You Are Here was one of my Birthday presents.

Both these are very inspiring books which help your kids see anything is possible - a great homeschool message which I am sure we would all love our kids to share.

Use A Remote Telescope

national schools observatory

I've checked with the Astro-Physics Department of Liverpool University, and if you are a home educator in the UK you can use a remote telescope based in the Canaries to take your own images of the Planets, Moon, galaxies etc.

It's a fantastic resource called the Liverpool Telescope run by the schools observatory which William and I enjoy using. Put your own address and contact details and enter 'Other' where it says 'School Category.'

Perfect if you're planning a space for kids project.

Hubble space image

All About Space Magazine

all about space

All About Space is a monthly magazine which William and I think is really great.

If you're looking for a way to make space for kids interesting and keep up with all the latest discoveries - this is it!

Brian Cox

Brian Cox

His new series on The Planets is a wonder.



Books to inspire Space for kids by one of the best presenters I know. I read the Wonders books on holiday camping with the stars shining above the tent!

And one thing for sure; I won't be the only person with a picture of Brian Cox on my desktop.

Pictures Of Space

NASA Space image

Looking at Space pictures is the way to really get kids amazed by the Universe. Here's a couple of great sites:

Top Tip:

You can find out what phase the Moon is in where you live by checking out this Moon phase site.

Awesome pictures of Earth Nasa

Amazing photos of Earth from Space from NASA - expect to be inspired.

SpaceX Mission To Mars

SpaceX Mission to Mars

And if making a Space Probe has tempted you to visit Mars, check out all the amazing stuff on SpaceX.

It shows you all about the rocket they are making and their first mission to Mars in 2022 with fantastic photos and slideshows.  Enjoy.

"I wanted to send you a quick thank you! I have a son who is really into astronomy and I just wanted you to know how helpful your page was to us! There was a ton of great info and activity ideas."

~ Cynthia

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