Dinosaurs For Kids:
Build A Dinosaur, Games, Activities And Lapbooks

Dinosaurs for Kids activities offers a feast of activities perfect for all dino fans.

There's plenty of suggestions here to keep any young dinosaur addict happy for months!

Dinosaur lapbook

You'll find ideas for:

  • coloring pages and jokes
  • free dinosaur story sheets
  • a giant dinosaur lapbook to uncover the Story of Life on Earth
  • how to make a dinosaur robot
  • build a Velociraptor
dinosaurs for kids activities
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Build A Dinosaur

One of the nicest ways for older children to enjoy dinosaurs for kids is to build your own fabulous prehistoric beast using paper mache clay.

velociraptor model head

See how to make a dinosaur with a video of our homeschool Velociraptor coming alive!

make a dinosaur

Dig Up A Dinosaur

How about starting your dinosaur activities by digging one up? 

My children William and Catherine loved it as you can see in our page on preschool science, especially when we added homeschool goggles and a hammer!

dig up a dinosaur

If getting a kit takes too long to organize, you can always start right now by enjoying a virtual dinosaur dig at the Smithsonian.

There are lots more activities you can try to bring the past to life on our baby dinosaurs page, where you can even make your own dino egg.

Make A Dinosaur Lapbook

Dinosaur lapbook ideas

You can see how to make a dinosaur lapbook for young dino fans here.

If you have older children, say about ten to twelve, then you can have a go at our Giant Lapbook.

You're going to need some large colored cardstock so you can stick all your activities down. If you come visit me, you'll be sitting on the couch surrounded by wallpaper covered in the Story of Life!

Here are my homeschool children William and Catherine to prove it:

dinosaurs for kids

Now for the fun part! If you've started your dinosaur activities back in the beginning, you'll need to go rooting round the house and delve in the coal scuttle so you can complete the Story of Life:


Start your dinosaur lapbook by looking at which dinosaurs lived in your State with this great kids dinosaur map of each state.

If you can't go on a fossil hunting trip near you, you can always make a fossil yourself!

how to make a fossil

Next, pick your Dinosaurs for Kids Period - Jurassic, Cretaceous or whatever catches your eye. Naturally enough, we thought we'd start our homeschool curriculum activities before the dinosaurs and led up to their arrival but you could choose anywhere.

Obviously, any family who follows a strict Biblical belief would have to adapt their homeschooling curriculum to suit their own interpretation.


Start drawing! You'll need a few good library books to give you an idea, but since no one really knows what they looked like there's plenty of scope for interpretation!

Depending on the age of your child, you'll be happy with anything from a big red splodge upwards!

Draw dinosaurs

We can show you how using geometric shapes can help your child learn how to draw dinosaurs.

dinosaur mix up drawing

You can also have fun with one of our favorite kids art activities - making up your own beast from bits of your favorites! 

And you'll see how to make your dinosaurs come alive with tabs and pop outs in our kindergarten activities.

dinosaur scene for kindergarten activities

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

The kids-dinosaurs site has some great dinosaur coloring pages and facts to help you.

Catherine loves coloring, as you'll see in her free homeschool dragon drawing tutorial, and she's illustrated three special dinosaur story writing worksheets so you can add to your dinosaurs for kids project with your own story about bringing up a baby dinosaur.

Older kids will enjoy Dinosaurs for Kids activities by writing about toilet training and common illnesses using Catherine's how to keep dinosaurs free story sheet.

dinosaur story writing sheet

Exciting Dinosaur Field Trips

Here's a list of dinosaur virtual field trips and places you can go to visit them.

Dinosaur Jokes

What happened when the Brachiosaurus took the train home?
He had to bring it back!

Why not look up some dinosaur jokes and add them to your lapbook? You could save the best and add them into homeschool Christmas crackers.

Dinosaur Games

Here are a few fun sites for dinosaur games for slightly older children:

  • If you want William's favorite, have a look at the baryonyx mystery (UK only).
  • Dino Run is a Catherine favorite where you escape extinction by dodging meteorites and the doom wall.
  • But if you want Catherine's overall winner, it's the Extinct Animals expansion pack for Zoo Tycoon 2 where you get to look after dinosaurs, set up their enclosures, and name the babies.
  • More games in our page on dinosaur activities.
dinosaur robot terror saw
make dino robots from trash

"My class and I wanted to give you a shout and send you some virtual "high-fives" on your dinosaur page...thanks. :)

The kids thought it'd be a brilliant idea to send you a page they found on dinos. Do you mind adding it? They'd feel so accomplished knowing your other web visitors could learn from it too."

~ Courtney

Have done Courtney!  So pleased you like the page and I think your class are brilliant to have got to such a level of interest!

We'll be showing you lots more dinosaur kids activities, including how to build a dinosaur robot, in our page on dinosaur crafts.

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