Fun Preschool Math Activities:
Number Games For Preschoolers

As one of the very few second generation homeschool families, I can show you how to use preschool math activities to create a life-long love of math.

When your child is very young, you can use homeschool fun math activities to show how numbers are as much a part of real life as walking.

preschool math activities

As you can see, you're given a head start when teaching young children math.  Their thirst for knowledge is unquenchable.

quote about average 4 year old asking 437 questions a day

I loved doing math activities when I was homeschooling my children William and Catherine - because it was so much fun for all of us!

With a bit of invention, you can turn all your child's favorite activities into maths!

Fun Math Activities for Preschoolers

Here are a few homeschooling ideas to get you started.

You'll need to choose the math activity that fits best with your child's interests, or adapt the homeschool activities here to their favorite subject.

Math Games

Games are the parent's secret weapon when it comes to finding homeschooling math activities for preschoolers.

There simply isn't anything to beat the sneaky way you can use them to build a rock solid foundation of basic number skills - all at the same time as having fun with your child.

Here are some of our homeschooling favorites:

  • Kim's Game. This has to a must-do maths activity for homeschooling preschoolers. Get a tray and put ten of your child's favourite objects on it. Get your child to count them. Cover with a cloth. Take one away. See how many are left.

You can adapt this preschool math activity to your child's ability. Try adding animals under the cloth and see what happens!

lego money
  • I thought this was a fun idea for late preschoolers and their older siblings.

Kids love lego and this site offers free printable lego money.  The idea is that you can give your kids lego money vouchers and they can use them to purchase legos.

A bit of bribery to help with preschool math activities always goes down well!

  • Play money

Another great idea is to print play money, and there's a free site which lets you download dollars and cents in my page on fun kindergarten activities.

  • I Spy.  

The classic homeschool activity. Perfect for preschoolers in the car or the house. How many pictures / flowers / rabbits can you see?

  • This wonderful photo taken by Darren Irons of a tractor reminds me just how much my son would love it! Big mechanical machines are often a gift activity to the secret preschool maths homeschooling parent.      

Can you see how many wheels / wind wipers / doors that tractor has?

  • Fun music activity for homeschooling preschoolers.   

Get your child to hop, skip, or jump to the music and count as they go.

More Preschool Math Activity ideas

  • Food. The way to any preschool child's heart. Use colored sweets to count numbers or slip in a bit of homeschool division by getting your child to share their raisins.
  • A favorite preschool math activity in our homeschool: "If Catherine was 5, how old would I be?" If you have a child with lots of siblings this game would be even more fun!
fun fractions

Fun Fractions

  • Use any real life opportunity you have to add in a homeschool math activity. How many dogs can you see in a walk in the park? Birthday cake candles make highly popular homeschooling objects - no preschoolers can resist counting them!
Hatch a baby dinosaur
  • Along with hatching a baby dinosaur, add some math by seeing how big a dinosaur really is. Get a meter rule, pick your child's favorite dinosaur, find out how long he is and stake him out in the garden. At 27m the Barasaurus we measured ended up in the nettles behind the Silver Birch tree.
  • We worked out T-Rex's head would have appeared through our second-floor homeschool window.
  • Find out more about dinosaurs and dig up a dinosaur in our fun homeschooling Preschool Science.
  • Homeschool Cookery for Preschoolers. Get your child to weigh out the ingredients for a cake mix.
weighing scales
  • Fun homeschooling food dye activity. Add colored food dyes to water and get your child to tip the liquid into different size containers. Spills inevitable but all part of the homeschooling fun...

These fun preschool math activities are just a taster of all the enjoyment you can have learning math with your child.

The secret to fun preschool math activities is to bring numbers alive by making them part of what you do everyday - that way you can't fail to light up your child's natural ability.

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