Home Schooling Resources And Supplies For Parents

These essential home schooling resources and supplies are based on my experience with a homeschool son now at Oxford University and suggestions from over 11,000 homeschoolers.

5 essential homeschool Mom books

They also include two vital ingredients you'll need to succeed - strength and courage!

1. Homeschool Secrets of Success

Homeschool Secrets of Success

Homeschool Secrets of Success is an indispensable guide to how to avoid battles with the kids so you create a happy and enthusiastic home where learning stays fun.

This highly recommended guide will prove to you that the biggest secret to homeschool success is motivation. You will find out what you can do in your homeschool to get your kids happy and enthusiastic - and what not to do.

2. Homeschooling Ideas Book

homeschooling ideas book

Do you know enough to teach your child all they need to know? Or will they miss out by not going to school?

Those sorts of fears are something all homeschool Moms face, so this handy book helps out with inexpensive and unique homeschooling ideas so you can teach every subject from Math to Science.

Worried you will have to buy lots of expensive curricula and never be able to give your child the education they deserve?

This book proves you CAN do it and that homeschooling gives your child far more opportunities to learn and succeed. And it's not about how much money you spend.

3. Homeschool Memory Books

Homeschooling Memory Book

Homeschooling is the most precious time you ever spend with your child, and a homeschooling Memory book is an essential part of your home schooling resources because it gives you a unique chance to capture those moments forever before they get lost in the fog of time.

Homeschooling Memory Book pages

4. Homeschooling Quotes And Inspiration

Inspirational homeschooling quotes

A book of inspirational quotes and encouragement might seem a rather unusual addition to your home schooling resources, but actually it is the vital ingredient which helps you succeed. Reminding yourself what a great job you are doing and how many famous people agree with you is such a confidence boost.

Homeschooling quotes and inspiration book

Journals and Notebooks

Homeschooling Journals and Notebooks

We all know how much there is to do when you are teaching your child at home and how overwhelming that can feel. These inspirational journals are the perfect way to keep on top of where you are and where you are going so you can stay in control.

Inspirational homeschool journal and notebook

Courageous Homeschooling Handbook

Courageous Homeschooling Handbook

Starting homeschooling is probably the scariest thing you'll ever do! The Courageous Homeschooling Handbook is a wonderful home schooling resource which shows you how to overcome your fears.
This Handbook proves you CAN do this and teaching your child at home gives them the BEST start in life.

essential homeschooling resources

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