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Hi. My name is Sonya. I was brought up in a homeschooling family myself and I loved it!

Being one of the very few families taught at home myself has given me the confidence to know that homeschooling works.

second generation homeschooling

Here's a photo of me with my parents and siblings, most of whom were homeschooled. I'm the little girl with blonde hair sitting on my sister Sally's knee.

You can find out more about why my parents decided to be pioneers in my Free Guide to Starting Out.

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I was sent to High School so I am in a position to compare the benefits of learning at home as against being taught in school.  My overwhelming experience is that school often destroys children's enthusiasm.

By the time most children have been through school, they have been successfully put off most subjects - for life. 

Learning isn't fun anymore.

I can vouch for that.  I thought the world was an amazing place, full of exciting things to discover.

But once I was sent to High School, I found all my interests evaporating.

I've always loved History, so I decided to study it at home by myself without any adult help. The school agreed only on condition that I undertook not to report them to the newspapers when I failed.

Being home educated had given me the confidence and self-reliance to know that I could teach myself - and that took me all the way to a First Class Honours Degree in History at one of the best Universities in the UK.

That experience underlies the basis of our philosophy:

Interest is the key to all learning, and learning at home is the best way to encourage your child's interests.

And this is what I believe about the problems of sending children to school and why we chose to homeschool:

quote from me on children and learning

When I was lucky enough to meet Rob and we had William and Catherine there was no way I wanted to send them to school. In fact, rather than seeming the 'normal' thing to do, the whole idea of school seemed completely unnatural and artificial.

This website is our way to help allay your fears about starting out and show you the best activities we have found which make learning fun.

second generation homeschooling

William is now studying Chemistry at Oxford University.  His acceptance by the University recently ranked top in the world gives reassurance that you can achieve the highest academic standards if that's your goal.

It also shows you don't need to follow a standard educational route to get there.  We took tons of holidays, no homework, days and days when we did absolutely 'nothing' at all.

Catherine is following an unschooling route as a talented artist selling her art worldwide through her Etsy Wild Art Treasures on-line shop. Her work has been exhibited at the London Natural History Museum.

My homeschool son at Oxford University

We all know that exams do not bring out the best in many people and I am certain whatever path you follow will enable you to sow the seeds for a happy, creative and fulfilled young person.

I am certain that the key to success is motivation.  So long as you are all working happily together everything else will follow!

Secrets of Success is an indispensable guide to how to avoid battles with the kids so that you create a happy and enthusiastic home where learning stays fun.

Homeschool Secrets of Success

One of the best ways to keep up to date with all our latest news and 'talk' to me is to join my facebook page. 

Every family is different and it can take a bit of experimenting to find the method that suits you best. There is no right or wrong. Structured, unstructured and anything in between - the choice entirely depends on you and your children.

Finding the right path isn't easy. We all have our bad moments! Sharing problems makes all the difference. I run a separate Courageous Homeschooling Facebook Group where we can share the ups and downs of our days in a safe and supportive environment.

Come and join us!


Best wishes,

Sonya, Rob, William and Catherine

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