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You can waste lots of time hunting for the best online math activities for your child.  I will help by giving you the TOP PICKS recommended by homeschooling families.

You can benefit - because homeschoolers have often spent the most time searching for the best and telling their friends!

Some of the online math games are fun but there isn't much that you could say was 'educational', other websites are boring and full of adverts.

girl at computer with an I hate Math! sign on screen

This is my daughter Catherine pretending she really does enjoy math - especially when Mom has got the camera!

Google isn't much help; the high ranking math websites for kids aren't necessarily the ones your child will like - or, if they do, you might not!

My children William and Catherine have been using different online math games for kids ever since we started homeschool.

Children have different tastes in maths sites and what one loves, another hates.

So if you have a site you love, please contact me and I will share it.

Math Websites For Kids

Here are the top free maths websites for kids that my children William and Catherine have enjoyed in our homeschool and/or have been suggested by homeschoolers.

See what your children think of these sites:

  • PBS Math has lots of online games for young children covering shape, space, number and counting.
pbs math
  • You'll see from our Geometry activities that we found some good free maths games for kids on Johnnie's Math Pages. Johnnie is a mentor teacher in elementary maths and his site has lots of maths activities which combine free maths games with learning. Highly recommended.
johnie's math pages
  • Numbers are international!  The BBC has got lots of very good resources for ages 4-11 covering numbers, time, times tables, space and shape.
bbc online maths site
  • SumDog is recommended by homeschoolers I know.  You can get a FREE family account and play math games; there is no need to pay for the extra version.
  • E-Maths is an online interactive UK math site with lots of free interactive resources for both students and teachers.  You click on the years to get the list of freebies and it covers right from elementary up through high school.
e maths
  • Manga High You need to register the name of your school (Homeschool Academy is a good name for your school!) to take advantage of this free site.  The great thing about this site is that wherever you live you can type in the level and grade of activities you want. Good for kids who like blasting numbers and time trials.
manga high math site
  • Maths Nook. A site with activities on rounding, money, geometry, patterns, addition, etc. I wouldn't rate it more than to say it's one of those OK free sites for kids.
  • Cool Maths For Kids. William and Catherine like this site; I don't think you learn much homeschool maths!

Best Free UK Math Websites

These are the best free online math activities sites recommended by home educators:

Free Math Games For Kids

There's no doubt that the way to make maths fun for your kids is to spend as much time as you can together doing homeschool fun activities.

You'll see that we started homeschool at preschool age with preschool math and carried on through First and Second Grade until by Third Grade we were at the stage of playing fun family board games.

Settlers of Catan

Then we moved on to making our own free board games too!

And if you're struggling with fractions you'll find online math activities, games and websites to help.


I have no doubt that the secret of success is to take maths out of the classroom and show your children how numbers work in real life.

An essential part of developing maths skills is building self-confidence. Online maths activities and games sites can definitely help with that.

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