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My free homeschool newsletter will pick out unusual and exciting activities to make homeschooling the best decision you ever made based on my unique experience as one of the very few second generation homeschooling families.

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Homeschooling newsletter

"I've just received the newsletter and it's amazing!!  I don't know how you find the time!  We are going to indulge in all the advice and experiments for sure!!  Thank you Sonya!!" ~ Mandy

June 2024:
Kids Raniforest Activities Newsletter

Free rainforest for kids activities newsletter

Come and join us for Rainforest activities which make a fabulous Unit Study to make learning fun for all ages.

  • Free Rainforest Action Pack
  • Build a Rainforest diorama
  • Make a blowpipe
  • Great websites
  • Fun facts
  • Make an origami frog

Published: 4th Sunday in June 2024.

"Your newsletters seem to have just what I need at exactly the time I need them!" ~ Angie

Why Will My Homeschool Newsletter Help?

At the start of each month, I'll give you the best resources I can find on a fascinating topic for homeschooling.

Each newsletter focuses on one particular topic such as:

  1. Homeschool Math
  2. Science
  3. Top Ten Homeschool Resources
  4. Exploring the World
  5. Fun Writing Activities

"Thank you for such wonderful ideas to offer my children." ~ Dawn

You will find activities for kids of ALL AGES.

  • Free printables
  • Fun homeschool activities for all ages
  • Recommended books and resources
  • The best websites
  • Special offers
  • Even recipes and gifts!

"Hi Sonya, Just wanted to say thank you for all your amazing newsletters, we've really enjoyed them." ~ Jan



"Looking forward to the newsletter Sonya, I always do." ~ Becky

New Subscribers can access recent back issues to my homeschool newsletter.

(Please note this page is password protected - the password is given in the newsletter subscription confirmation page).

All my newsletters are unique and allow me to explore subjects in more depth than I can on the website.

"The Rainforest newsletter is lovely! If my son isn't interested is it okay if I do the activities by myself?" ~ Angie

Monthly Activities For All Ages

My Monthly Activities homeschool newsletter is exclusive to subscribers.

It's my way of showing that, if you follow your child's interests, you'll see that homeschooling is the best decision you ever made.

"Thank you so much for the newsletter... It can be hard to find the time to research things, so you have saved me time, and inspired me too.  Thanks again." ~ Loretta 

"I love the newsletter." ~ Maria x

"Your monthly newsletter gives me lots of unique and fun ideas that I am excited to share with my family."

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free homeschool newsletter

FREE Homeschool Newsletter

"Just had a look through your monthly newsletter focusing on math. Thanks so much for all the links and ideas. It's brilliant!" ~ Diana      

"Hi....I totally love all your posts and enjoy reading them....the kids love the activities and enjoy them through and through." ~ Bianka

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