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Courageous Homeschooling Handbook: How To Homeschool & Succeed

The Courageous Homeschooling Handbook parts 1 and 2 have answers from 2,000 homeschoolers to help you teach your child with confidence.

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Fun Bee Facts And How Kids Can Help

Fascinating bee facts to inspire kids from an expert beekeeper. Make a mason bee house, fun crafts and ideas to help save this wonderful insect.

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Come and join us for summer activities which make learning fun for all ages.

  • How to make a scarecrow
  • Build a nature mandala
  • Come and try cloud drawing
  • Take a scavenger hunt
  • Make a sundial
  • Cool science with glow sticks

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Cool Science Experiments For Kids With Glow Sticks

Free e-book of ten cool science experiments for kids that won't let you down! Let's start by having fun with glow sticks.

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The Homeschooling Ideas Brainstorm Book

Unschooling/eclectic? Worried you don't know enough to teach your child? Find the best homeschooling ideas for all subjects recommended by 2,000 homeschoolers.

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