Free Homeschooling Worksheets
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Free homeschooling worksheets can be a real help with homeschool but you can waste a lot of time finding the best.

This is the second part of our guide to the free printable worksheets that have been selected by other homeshool families to help you choose the most useful homeschool worksheets for your kids.

Costs of homeschooling

Free printable worksheets are certainly a good way to help you keep how much you spend on homeschooling down, and, particularly for younger kids, the good news is that there are some excellent free homeschooling worksheets and printables around to cover the basics of reading, writing and math.

A great place to start is by looking at these top free online educational websites recommended by over 2,000 homeschoolers. Many of these sites have excellent free worksheets to go with their resources.

Online homeschooling resources

Homeschooling Printable Worksheets

All homeschooling families are different. My son William loves printable worksheets and my daughter Catherine hates them, so when it comes to homeschool scheduling you may find you're trying to balance the two!

Probably the best way to use worksheets is to back-up whatever homeschool activities you're doing, so if you have fun playing counting games as part of your preschool math you could easily use the printable worksheets here to round off your homeschooling day.


This first website, is a teacher-created site designed to help teachers find online resources more quickly and easily. You can find lesson plans, thematic units, teacher tips, and free printable worksheets.

I've had a trawl round and I really like the way you can create your own custom word shapes free homeschooling worksheets, which might help with fun preschool curriculum activities for reading and writing.

There are also some good free preschool activities and themes; I saw an idea for bubble art which would go well with kids art activities and they have a great printable Ocean Treasures Holder Craft to put your ocean finds after you've had a go at our ocean creatures homeschool unit studies.

free e-book ten science experiments

For kids up to high school, there are some fun printable lesson plans for experiments - you'll find ones for making butter, picking up a marble, seeing what happens with ice cream and air - all great ideas to add in to our free e-book ten science experiments that won't let you down.


If you're homeschooling young children, you'll find lots of free printable resources here.

You'll see a color me butterfly, bug math practice and more which you can tie into preschool science activities.


If you want freebies for pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, take a look at TLS books.

Also, look for free homeschooling printable worksheets like the dinosaur Venn diagram and fact sheet which you could use as part of your dinosaur kids activity.

They've got printable word coloring pages and you'll know how much my daughter Catherine enjoyed doing a dog survey and drawing a bar graph for 1st grade math - well TLS has a free homeschool worksheets for doing a favorite vegetable survey!

Free Homeschooling Worksheets


Your best bet for math is to look at our pages on:

  • Free math worksheets.
  • Homeschool math, which picks out the TOP THREE math sheets for homeschooling.
  • Online math, which covers the best kids websites and free games.
online math activities

Free Printable Worksheets

If you're looking for free homeschooling worksheets to help with writing, we've made some great free homeschool kids writing worksheets for all ages.

story writing worksheets
  • You'll also find some lovely free alphabet worksheets, all drawn specially for you by Catherine as part of our homeschool art projects.

My son William was definitely a reluctant writer, and that one of the difficulties with homeschooling can be getting into one-to-one battles with your child - so I suggest you use these free English worksheets in conjunction with lots of kids creative writing ideas to make the worksheets fun.

There are lots of sites for free homeschooling worksheets. Some are great and some more ho-hum; plus the reality is that every child is different and what will suit one, won't be right for yours. Which is why it would be great if you can suggest any that you like; that way everyone gets more chance to find the best!

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