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Save time and money with the best free printable math worksheets recommended by homeschoolers.

free math worksheets

This list  of free homeschool worksheets and printables picks out the sites that homeschool families find work best.

All kids are different, so what yours like will be very individual.

My children William and Catherine have entirely different math tastes, and I'm sure that's fairly common! You'll be able to look through this list and pick out what would suit your child, and you'll also find recommendations for customizable free worksheets so you can adapt the worksheets to your child's ability and interests.

Free Printable Worksheets

My  free homeschool worksheets page has lots of recommendations for worksheets and printables, including math, but I'll highlight here the ones you'll find best for math.

Our homeschool math page picks out the TOP THREE math worksheets for homeschooling. Here are some more good printable ones:

  • Math Drills. This site covers all ages and grades from elementary through high school. You'll find over 57,000 free printable math worksheets with answer keys covering everything from homeschool additon to base ten blocks, fractions and data mangement. There are also some interactive math features including the Sudoku and Dots math games, and there are plenty of worksheets on all topics for all ages.
Corbett Maths
  • For the UK, I highly recommend Corbett Maths. It covers all ages from primary right through to GCSE with free videos to explain each topic, worksheets and 5-a-day problems. You need to search round the site a bit but there's plenty of very good free resources. In our homeschool, we've found fun number activities a great way to bring math to life, and maybe you could combine some our homeschooling activities like making your own board game with the printable worksheets on the site.
make your own board game
  • offers lots of free printable worksheets for math designed for primary and elementary level students with special needs or learning disabilities, making them clear and useful for all. This is a great site for homeschooling dedicated to providing printable worksheets and resources cost free and is of help to all children. I particularly like the way you can make your own customized homeschool free printable math worksheets. For example, you can generate your own number cards for homeschool with decimals and negatives.  Or you can print full page clocks with customizable dials, styles and labels.
  • You'll find you can generate free printable counting worksheets with a selection of age-appropriate tokens, build multiplication grids and homeschool number lines. There's even a few shape recognition free printable worksheets which might help with basic homeschooling geometry.
Student handouts free math worksheets
  • " is my main source! There's more than just math!"     ~ Leigh, Courageous Homeschooling Facebook group. The site has free graph paper, worksheets on geometry, algebra and goes up to Grade 8 with free printables on statistics and probability.
My daughter proving homeschool math can be fun!

My daughter Catherine proving homeschool math can be fun!

  • Teachers Pay Teachers have a lot of free printable math worksheets which are fun.  They have fun seasonal free worksheets like a Halloween owl printable and Christmas math activities. They also have free math problem challenges and counting coin problems, division games and geometry worksheets. You'll also find a few special interest ones like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to make maths fun.

Free Harry Potter Worksheet

Harry Potter Math worksheet

She has based it around her daughter's interest in Harry Potter and I am certain that linking math to whatever your child is interested in is the best way to learn.

Thanks so much Sheila.

"Thanks to you both! This is a great inspiration!"

~ Kailey-Jane

  • Our homeschooling guide to free online math covers the best websites and free games.

I hope this guide helps you navigate your way round the best free printable math worksheets. But every child is different, and if you have any suggestions for your own favorite free homeschool worksheets please tell us!

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