Dragon Crafts
How To Decorate Paper Lanterns

Adults and kids alike will enjoy our homeschool dragon crafts as we as we show you how to make a magical dragon lantern.

Crafts for kids are even more fun if you can make something which you can really use.

how to make a dragon lantern

And what could be nicer than learning how to decorate something you can hang in your bedroom and enjoy every night?

Because the basic crafts ideas behind learning how to decorate your own paper lantern are easy, you can adapt this homeschooling crafts project to whatever your kids like. You could decorate your own fun homeschool tiger lantern or enjoy a dolphin lantern.

Even adults will enjoy learning how to make this magical lantern.

How To Make A Lantern

This homeschool lantern was designed and made by my daughter Catherine, who is a gifted artist. 

You can try many more exciting kids art projects on this site.

What you'll need:

paper lantern
  1. White paper lantern.
  2. Colored tissue paper.
  3. Cardstock.
  4. Masking tape.
  5. Spray mount glue.

N.B. This dragon crafts project is basically easy for kids, but when you decorate your lantern with your tissue dragon, spraying it on can be really fiddly and definitely needs adult help.

Draw A Dragon

First, start your fun crafts for kids by drawing your dragon design to decorate your lantern.

That's easy if you follow Catherine's helpful step-by-step Guide To Drawing Dragons.

how to draw dragons

You'll see how to turn rectangles, ovals and circles into tail plumes, crests and wattles to make the most fantastic homeschool dragons ever!

Learning how to draw dragons is a really useful part of homeschooling fun kids crafts because you can use the basic idea to draw all sort of different animals.

dragon stenci

Make a Homeschool Stencil

Because it's difficult to draw directly on tissue paper, Catherine drew her dragon decoration on cardstock first. If you cut the picture out, you can use the outline left behind as a homeschool stencil.

Then you can use masking tape to stick your homeschooling stencil down on the tissue paper and draw round the design, leaving you with a perfect tissue dragon to decorate your paper lantern.

how to draw a dragon

Free Dragon Coloring Pages

If your kids need a little more help with homeschooling dragon crafts, you could download some fun free dragon clipart from the internet and use those pictures to decorate your paper lantern.

Catherine's gone one better by drawing some fantastic homeschool dragon coloring pages which you can download and use for free.

Once you have your dragon picture on tissue paper, you can color your design using gel pens.

dragon crafts for kids

If you are homeschooling High School kids, they could forget the tissue paper, make a stencil and spray paint through it onto the lantern to decorate your design.

I have seen this work really well using gold spray paint but it's not easy to do and you need to use a face mask.

Fun Kids Crafts

Now for the fun part! Cut out your tissue paper dragon and spray mount him onto your homeschooling paper lantern.

We've used a homeschool white paper lantern. You could use a colored lantern though obviously it would let less light through. Maybe that makes it even more fun for kids!

You can paint your lantern first using acrylic paints to make a background color for your homeschooling dragon crafts. Just add a little water to the paint and brush it on with a wide brush. You could make a light blue to decorate the sky for your dragons to fly in!

All you have to do now is to hang up your fun homeschool dragon paper lantern.

how to make a lantern

N.B. Dragon crafts come into their own at night!

Wikipedia has a very interesting article about the real Lantern Festival to celebrate the end of the Chinese New Year.

Apparently, kids take paper lanterns to the temples at night and solve riddles on them, which is something I hadn't thought of - using dragon riddles to decorate paper lanterns would be really something!

Riddles are only part of the fun of learning to be a Dragonologist, as you'll find out in our page where you collect treasure, try out glass painting, make an origami dragon and even write a dragon story.

dragon story

And you can make your own dragon model based on the Dragonology series so you have something to enjoy in the daytime too!

Dragon Totems

dragon totem

You can also enjoy using dragons as animal totems.

More Homeschooling Fun Crafts For Kids

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  • Turn a shoebox into a homeschool ocean diorama.
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dragon crafts

If you look at the Lantern Festival article, you'll see Wikipedia tells you about the beautiful crane who flew down to Earth and Taiyi, the God of Heaven, who had sixteen dragons at his beck and call.

So you'll be following a long tradition by using dragon crafts to make your own lantern!

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