Free Alphabet Games And Preschool Activities

The more you can have fun with alphabet games and activities, the more your child will find learning letters easy.

We've got some great free homeschool games and preschool activities for you to try.

fun alphabet games with food

Come and join us for letters in the dark, make a play dough alphabet and try posting letters to your friends.

We'll have fun with music games and make letters which smell good enough to eat.

Music and Action Games

musical note

You'll see in our page on preschool alphabet activities that we encourage you to have fun making letters from your fruit bowl.

This time we've added a homeschool variation. Why not make fruit letters which spell out action words - you'll soon see alphabet games that make your child hop, sing and jump!

The best free alphabet games are often ones where your child isn't sitting around too long - always hard even for the best-behaved preschool kids!

That's where music and rhyme comes in. You can try popular homeschool books like Chicka, Chicka, Boom with fun rhymes like:

A told B,

And B told C,

"I'll meet you at the top

Of the coconut tree."

The rhythm of the words is perfect to inspire a bit of homeschool dancing!

One Amazon reviewer described it as a "fun, feisty book", great for kids learning the alphabet.

Then there's animal alphabet songs which are even better if you make free homeschool musical instruments to go along with them.

In our page on preschool activities, we show you how to make free homeschool rattles, drums, horsey clip-clops and even a water 'aquapella'.

Alphabet Activities

alphabet worksheets

After all that running around, we've got some great free kids letter printables for you.

We're hoping that by using Catherine's animal drawings you can make writing letters into more alphabet games.

fun alphabet activities

Multi-Sensory Learning Games

The more you can find homeschool games which encourage multi-sensory learning and add the alphabet into everyday activities, the easier and more natural it will be for your child to learn letters.

Sound Puzzles

Preschool sound puzzles can help because they re-enforce the connection between letters and what they mean.

Light Games

One of the nicest games is to switch out the light and get the flashlight out.

  • What letters can you spot in the dark?
  • Better still, what giant letters can you make on the wall?

Touch and Feel Games

Home school preschool crafts are a great way to help teach the alphabet.

Our trademark homeschool play dough and salt dough recipes are perfect not only for having fun making pretend food, bird's eggs and shell patterns but also for trying out the feel of  letter shapes.


It's easy to make sausages out of play dough and turn them into letter shapes; you can show your preschool child how to make them if they need help.

  • You can make play dough preschool games more fun if you roll out some sausage shapes and add non toxic scents (like orange, peppermint or vanilla).

 I don't think I've ever smelt a letter before!

Free Alphabet Crafts

watering can

Preschool art activities are a great way of encouraging kids to enjoy learning letters and get some practise with the hand strokes.

  • You can chalk giant letters on the sidewalk
  • Paint enormous ones on a sheet of paper
  • Enjoy free outdoor games by fetching a watering can and dribbling letters out of the spout!

You'll find lots more games to teach letter shapes in our page on home school preschool alphabet activities.

More Alphabet Games

a letter for me

Letters are so exciting when they come through the mail, especially when you have preschool children.

One of the really fun, free alphabet games is to play posting mail.

  1. Take three or four boxes and make letter slits in the top, just right for fitting an envelope.
  2. Label each box with a large letter.
  3. Take some envelopes and write different letters on them.
  4. Put them in a mail bag - any large bag will do - and mix them up.
  5. Get your child to be the mail carrier and post them in the right boxes.
  6. You can add more homeschool fun by adding a bit of dressing-up and popping an object beginning with the letter in some of the envelopes.
phonics table

We can also help you find out if phonics can help your child learn to read and give you some more fun reading activities!

We hope you have as much fun playing these preschool alphabet games and activities as we did.

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