Activities For Infants
Music And Nursery Rhyme Games

Activities for infants which involve music games are great fun for everyone.

Even a newborn baby will love being sung to!

music fun for infants

The latest research shows that listening to music is one of the best ways for an infant to learn about sound, rhythm and movement.

And  I'm going to share with you all the best infant games my children loved and try out some nursery rhyme activities.

I'll finish by showing you how to make simple homeschool musical instruments for infants which are not only free but often the most fun!

Infant Games

Research shows that from as young as 3 months your infant will begin to recognize nursery rhymes and songs if you sing to them regularly. 

You can tell just from the way your baby's eyes light up when they get to the part where you lift them in the air!

Infant activities which involve doing the same thing over and over again give a sense of reassurance and are often one of the most enduring memories of childhood.

Make Musical Instruments

There are lots of different musical toys you can buy for infant activities, but our free homeschooling alternatives are just as much fun!

They make excellent infant games for babies roughly between six and twelve months.

Homeschool Rattle

baby rattle

If you take empty containers with lids, like plastic bottles, homeschool plastic tubs, and coffee cans, you can fill them with rattling materials.

  • Good candidates are dried beans, lentils, uncooked rice, coins, dry cereal - just be very sure the lid is firmly closed, then you can have lots of fun activities for infants as they make their own music by shaking along.

Homemade Drum


Get the wooden spoons out! Metal pots and pans, buckets, plastic bowls and tins all make great drums and a very satisfying noise for infants. Why not beat along to the tune of your favorite nursery rhyme?

Alphabet rhymes. Sing along to some fun letter rhymes in our page on alphabet games:

word 'hop' spelt in fruit

Horsey clip-clops

You can play homeschool baby games making horsey sounds by helping your infant clack together two plastic cups.

Making the sound yourself with your tongue is always intriguing!

Homeschooling Infant Aquapella

Warning: this is wet!

But your baby will have great fun sitting out in the sun making music with water.

  • If you pour about an inch of water in a baking pan and put it on the highchair tray, you infant will soon get the hang of slapping the water and making a unique percussion sound.

Depending on the age of your children, you can add to these homeschooling baby activities by making a musical ensemble for infants and toddlers.

  • Tapping the side of drinking glasses filled with different levels of water will make higher and lower notes and even a simple homeschool tune.
  • Drinking straws are great to blow through and make slightly impolite bubbly sounds.
  • Older children can try blowing over the tops of plastic bottles filled with different levels of water and see how the note changes.
  • Of course, if you don't have older children you can always fill in the parts of the ensemble yourself as baby watches!

Nursery Rhyme Activities

Singing nursery rhymes and lullabies are perfect infant activities and you'll be amazed how quickly it all comes back to you!

You can make things more fun by adding in some nursery rhyme activities for infants as you sing along to books or CDs.

Look out for some of our homeschooling nursery favorites which inspire movement, like:


Jack and Jill

Humpty Dumpty

Jack Be Nimble

I'm a Little Teapot

That way you can have lots of fun moving your baby to the rhythm of the nursery rhyme. Itsy-Bitsy Spider is great for lifts in the air, while you can lower to one side for I'm a Little Teapot. 

Action Rhymes

teddy bear

We loved infant games based on action rhymes like This is the way the ladies ride.

And you just have to play my children's homeschool favorite: Round and Round the Garden, like a teddy bear, one step, two step, Tickle under there! -

Infant Activities

You can try more homeschooling ideas here:

Music and movement are some of the best activities for infants and I hope we've given you some ideas of ways to enjoy them.

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