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Baby activities are the perfect way to bond with your baby. These two ideas are a sure way to help you make the most of the time you have together.

Baby massage has to be one of the nicest infant activities you can do.  And you'll both enjoy  going swimming and playing water games together.

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Infant Activities: Baby Massage

You don't have to be an expert in massage techniques to enjoy giving infants a gentle massage.

I am not a professional masseuse and you need to take full responsibility, but a basic after-bath stroking and cuddling session will do marvels for both of you.

It's no wonder that baby activities like these have been linked to relieving postnatal stress.

Many cultures have been using massage for infants for centuries.

I'm suggesting something simple and straightforward, which anyone can do. If you want something more elaborate, try a baby massage class.

baby bath with duck
  1. After you've given your baby a nice warm bath, you can start your massage by drying them with a towel using gentle stroking movements.
  2. Making sure the room is warm, you can lie your baby on a dry towel. If you like, you could dim the lights and put on some soothing music.
  3. Put a few drops of baby oil in your hand. Don't use nut oil or anything with perfume on - grape seed should be fine - and take off any rings or jewelry.
  4. The watchword with all activities for infants is: gentle. Stroking slowly down your infant from shoulders to toes using the whole of your hand and fingers should feel nice.
  5. Then you could try stroking over their chest and down their arms. Turn your infant over and massage their back with smooth strokes.
  6. Some infants don't like their tummies being stroked, but you could try circling your fingertips around in a clockwise direction.
  7. If your baby doesn't seem to like being stroked or is getting bored, try again some other time - there's plenty of other opportunities to practice activities for infants!
  8. You can wrap your baby in a towel to warm them and absorb any excess oil.

Massage is a lovely addition to baby activities. You could try doing it for ten minutes after most baths if you have time.

Wikipedia has an interesting article about the many benefits of using massage, including research showing that it can even lead to an increase in infant weight gain.

I used to enjoy gently massaging my son William's back as we lay in bed; it was a great way for us to fall asleep together.

Activities For Infants

musical note

Music is another perfect way to enjoy baby activities.

We've got lots of ideas, including Nursery Rhyme games and lullabies.

I'll also show you how to make simple homeschool musical instruments for playing infant games which are not only free but often the most fun!

Infant Games


Games for infants which you can both enjoy aren't always easy to find, but going to the swimming pool has to be an adventure for both of you. The first time at the pool can seem a bit daunting, but many pools have sessions for babies and infants full of songs and games.

Water games are fun as well as good exercise for babies.

Playing infant games in the water uses lots of muscles in the body and is excellent all-round exercise for infants as well as adults.

N.B. You will need a water nappy!

Here are some water games to try:

  • Whoosh! Most infants love being held under the arms and whooshed up and down in the air. It's good for laughing too!
  • Splash! If you rest your infant's body on your chest you can gently kick their legs up and down to play splashing games. Very satisfying for infants when they get the hang of it!
  • Twirl! Buoyancy gives your infant the freedom to explore something lovely - being twirled round as you hold them securely under the shoulders.
  • Look at me! Floating is another magical feeling. If your infant leans their head on your shoulder you can stretch your arms under their legs so they float.
  • Take your own bath toys. Most pools won't mind you bringing along toys for playing water games and I'm sure your bath duck will enjoy the outing.
William in splash pool

The great thing about infant games is that they help your child get familiar with water at an early age so they gain confidence.

Obviously you'll have to watch infants every second they are in the water to make sure they're safe, but going swimming together should be really relaxing and fun for both of you.

Baby activities really help bonding.

Here are some more ideas as your infant grows older:

  • Play games with food using our homeschooling dough recipe.
  • Homeschooling activities for toddlers to do with art, including painting with your feet and blowing through straws.
  • More homeschooling toddler games, including water painting and going on a color walk.
  • Add math into your toddler learning activities as you make a homeschool butterfly and play matching games.

Massage and taking your infant swimming are both very special baby activities and I hope making the time to do them gives you great pleasure.

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