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I'm starting with a Christmas NEWS Flash:

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"Great book. Very encouraging and supportive." ~ Janet

In this Issue:

  1. Christmas Ideas For Kids

Christmas is a great time to enjoy all sorts of educational activities with the kids as well as having fun! You'll see we've got ideas for festive math and science as well as lots of fun games and crafts.

homeschool Christmas activities

Ideas For Younger Kids

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Simone from my Courageous Homeschooling Facebook group shared this wonderful and simple idea for making tree ornaments from jam jar lids.

Christmas tree ornaments

"We have been making jam jar lid ornaments for the Christmas tree. So pretty and inexpensive to make. x" ~ Simone

Simone says to make them all you need do is:

  • Paint the backs of the jars with chalk board paint so you can write individual messages
  • Cut some pictures out of Christmas cards to fit
  • Use some sparkly pipe cleaner (chenille stems) around the edge as a neat trim
  • Add little bits and bobs to decorate
  • Put a ribbon and a message on the back if you like.
  • The hot glue gun is easiest, but can be made with PVA glue, too :-) x

"Looks wonderful..great idea..have to try it." ~ Bianka

Santa jars

Bianka found this lovely Santa Jar activity and to show you how much fun her children had doing it here are the ones they made:

Christmas jars
  • Enchanted Learning has some nice free crafts. You can make a Santa hat, a real crystal snowflake, and a paper plate snowman.
christmas activities for kids
  • Our Christmas activities for kids page has lots of ideas to try, including our favorite: making your own Christmas crackers. You'll see ideas for homeschool snowflakes, mini pinecone Christmas trees and how to make tree ornaments using our salt dough recipe.

You could start by using our free writing worksheets to get your child to write about their best Christmas present - a great way to sneak in some homeschool English!

my best christmas present worksheet

Stacey found these lovely melted bead ornaments:

melted bead ornaments

"Thought this was brilliant." ~ Stacey

Free Christmas Printables

Xmas activity pack

You can get a free pack of Christmas activities with eight free printables including tic-tac-toe and a dot-to-dot.

Samaritan's Purse

Samaritan’s Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world.

Jami from the Courageous Facebook Group recommends their free printables, which include a soccer maze, coloring activities and word searches.

Present for you

Bianka spotted these lovely free templates you can download to make these little paper toy holders.

Really pretty - thanks for sharing Bianka.

Party Games

Christmas is definitely the time for a party and I thought you might like these Xmas party game suggestions.

From Santa Says to Freeze and a Blind Snowman Dance, there's plenty to enjoy and you can print out free Christmas party invitations, with a special invite from Santa himself!

Online Games

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without games! These ones are online and not that educational I have to say, but nonetheless I thought your kids might enjoy some of them!

  • Miniclip has a variety of games, from frostbite to snowbowl and eight ball pool.
  • Primary Games. Annoying ads at the start, but your children might enjoy games like helping Santa get his present back after a naughty elf has stolen his sleigh full of presents and a severe bout of reindeer hiccups scattering presents across Europe.

Fun Christmas Activities

The great thing about Pinterest is that everyone can share the best ideas they've found for activities, free print outs, games and fun ideas.

Not really Christmassy, but I thought I'd sneak in these fun free resources Sylvia found on the David Walliams site.

You'll find resource packs for Grandpa's Great Escape, The Slightly Annoying Elephant and the World's Worst children among others :)

E-mail Santa

How about getting your kids to e-mail Santa and get a reply from the North Pole?

And Santa might well enjoy having some fun in the snow when you have a go at making our snow globe in Christmas crafts.

how to make a snow globe

Science Fun

homemade lava lamp with christmas decorations

You could have some fun with the kids over the holidays making our homeschool lava lamp and dropping in some Christmas trees!

The Kindness Elves

The Kindness elves

Monica came up with this suggestion for the Christmas newsletter so I thought I would let her explain more:

"I don't know if you know of this tradition or similar one, we don't have it here, but it is really thoughtful. This is an alternative to Elf on a shelf. The elves do kind things for people, you can make your own elves, you don't have to buy them. ....

We have donated clothes and toys, helped a person in need, donated books, cooked food and gifted it, etc. It is up to the children if/what/when they would like to do. I really love the Kindness Elves" ~ Monica

Ideas For Older Kids

Frozen Planet

Get into the festive mood by watching some penguins being rather naughty:

Frozen Planet is a wildlife program about the Poles of the Planet - which makes it ideal Christmas viewing!

Christmas Math

Christmas math activities

Math may not be the first thing that springs into your mind when it comes to Christmas, but actually, as you'll see from our page on Christmas Games, we love playing family games together at Christmas and that gives you the perfect opportunity to sneak some numbers in! You'll see some of our Christmas favorites are Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride.

If you're fans of Agricola, you might like to know that William and Catherine have asked for the newest version called Caverna from Father Christmas and I think he's agreed!



Courageous Homeschooling Facebook Group

Courageous Homeschooling Facebook Group

This newsletter would not be what it is without the ideas and suggestions from my Courageous Homeschooling Facebook group.

If you would like to come and join us, please do.  I set the group up as a safe and supportive place where we could come to encourage each other through the ups and downs of our homeschooling journey.

Each day starts with us sharing what we are doing that day.

“I am also very grateful for being part of this group. Only through this group do I now have confidence in home educating my children xxxxx”  ~ S

“I'm over the moon thankful for this group. God has sent so many wonderful positive people my way through here.” ~ N

“(I'm thankful for) this lovely group for allowing me to share my daily goings on and for allowing me to see what wonderful things you all get up to with homeschooling x “ ~ A

“Today I wanted to say that I'm grateful for this group, which has not only given me the confidence to accept that we are doing the right thing but also for the many friends I have made both near and far.” ~ S

Special Gifts For Christmas

Best homeschool gift guide

It can be hard to find exactly the right present which is both fun and educational.

You can find the very best homeschool gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Birthdays in this list.

They are all presents which have come top of the list with our children or come highly recommended by over 9,000 Facebook fans.

N.B. This list is for the USA; if you are from the UK please click here.

Homeschool Secrets of Success

Christmas SALE

Good news!  Homeschool Secrets of Success is now on a Christmas SALE and you can get it at a reduced price down from $9.99 to $5.90 (down from £7.99 to £5.99)

US Kindle

US Paperback

UK Kindle

UK Paperback

"Love this book." ~ DansMum

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Best Wishes and Happy Christmas!


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