How To Make Friendship Bracelets:
The Chain Knot

by Sandy KB
(London UK)

This is a very easy and fun friendship bracelet to make (only takes 5-10 minutes!) and looks very effective.

It's probably more suitable for younger children as it is easy and quick to make.

These simple and easy to follow instructions have proved extremely popular.

Sandy takes you through how to make the bracelet step by step.

The bracelets make lovely keepsakes and gifts to treasure.

How to make friendship bracelets


"These are great - thanks for sharing the instructions. We haven't ever made friendship bracelets but these are so beautiful, we are going to have to try it!"


how to make friendship bracelets
  • Embroidery threads (various colours)
  • Scissors
  • Piece of cardboard or book (to clip bracelet onto while making)
  • Clip (to hold threads in place)
  • Ruler or tape-measure

Friendship Bracelet Instructions

how to make friendship bracelets steps 1-6

STEP ONE: Cut six threads 27 inches long in two colors (three of each). Tie a knot 2-3 inches from the top of the friendship bracelet and clip to a piece of cardboard or a book. Separate the threads into two bundles (colour co-ordinated).

STEP TWO: Take the bundle on the left (light pink) and cross it over the bundle of the right (dark pink) so it looks like a number ‘4’.

STEP THREE: Pass the first bundle (light pink) under the second bundle (dark pink). See photo stage three.

STEP FOUR: Keeping the second bundle (dark pink) taut, pull the first bundle (light pink) tight.

STEP FIVE: Still keeping the second bundle (dark pink) taut, slide the knot up to the top of the friendship bracelet. See photo stage five.

STEP SIX: Repeat on other side: Cross the bundle on the right (dark pink) over the bundle on the left (light pink) so it looks like a backwards number ‘4’.

how to make friendship bracelets steps 7-9

STEP SEVEN: Pass the dark pink bundle under the light pink bundle. See photo stage seven.

STEP EIGHT: Keep the light pink bundle taut and pull the dark pink threads tight.

STEP NINE: Still keeping the light pink bundle taut, slide the knot up to the top of the friendship bracelet using the dark pink bundle.

STEP TEN: Keep repeating this until there is about three inches of thread left. Tie a knot with all threads (as in step one) and trim ends. Your friendship bracelet is finished!

How to make friendship bracelets tutorial

If you'd like to see how to make the basic diagonal stripe friendship bracelet, have a look on my other how to make friendship bracelets page.

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Comments For
How To Make Friendship Bracelets


Great Activity For Homeschool

by: Sonya

These are lovely friendship bracelets and really easy to make - but only because you've taken the time to show us how to do it so well!

Your instructions are perfect and having the photos makes all the difference.

Chain knot bracelets are also a great way to start and I can see from the collection of friendship bracelets on your wrist that once you've mastered the technique we could all spend many happy homeschool hours making them!

Thank you very much.


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