How To Build A Dinosaur Velociraptor

Find out how to build a dinosaur. Our strikingly lifelike Velociraptor model will teach you the simple methods you need to create your own awesome beast.

This is Part Two of my homeschool dinosaur making series -  sorry but I couldn't fit everything on one page!

Below you'll see my daughter Catherine age 13 with her fantastic homeschool project to build a dinosaur.

You'll see all the materials you need listed in Part One:

build a dinosaur

You'll see that the way we build a dinosaur is very simple - all you need really is polyboard* and toilet paper!

* Polyboard is a light foam board sandwiched between two outer layers of white card-like material.  It's fairly cheap and completely free if you can persuade a friend to give you a few bits!

make a dinosaur

Making Your Model

First, pick the dinosaur you want to know how to build!

Then hunt the internet for a drawing you like and photocopy a scaled down version.

Copy round the outline on polyboard and cut it out.

model dinosaur Velociraptor

If you're planning on a Tyrannosaurus Rex and you want it full size - make sure to move to a bigger house first!

If you want to see how to build a dinosaur, you'll see a brilliant video which uses CGI to flesh out a velociraptor in:

Jaws of Death: The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs.

Build Your Dinosaur Skeleton

velociraptor model in polyboard

You'll see that you need to cut out the outline of your dinosaur on one sheet of polyboard.

  • Add short lengths of polyboard to provide strength and extra structure

Dinosaur Skull

velociraptor skull from Wikipedia

Skull of Velociraptor mongoliensis

(AMNH 6515), American Museum of Natural History, by Smokeybjb

velociraptor model skull

You can see that in Catherine's homeschool version, she's added another layer of polyboard on top of the skull shape and tried to mimic the holes in the real skull. 

Now for the teeth:

velociraptor teeth and claws

If you're trying to work out how to build a dinosaur, their teeth and claws look great in modeling clay.

Shape each tooth round a cocktail stick so you can insert the tooth 'roots' into the foam middle of your polyboard.

How To Build A Dinosaur Body

dinosaur body

This is where the bubble wrap comes in!

You use it to bulk out your dinosaur body.

If you can, try to mimic the thicker parts of the body where the muscles bulge.

You'll see our team have added some foam around Velociraptor's eye to make it more prominent.

The masking tape covers the bubble wrap and gives a smooth surface to add your paper mache clay.

bubble wrap

Paper Mache Clay Recipe

We love paper mache.

You can see a basic recipe here, which we've used for all sorts of fun projects.

But this time we wanted a really smooth surface to make Velociraptor's skin.

So we used a new recipe to make paper mache clay.

It's similar to this one on YouTube:

You'll find our homeschool paper mache clay recipe brilliant for all sort of projects.

It gives a much smoother surface and is lovely to work with.

We'll show you how to make our paper mache clay and how brilliant it looks in the final part of our how to build a dinosaur.

Go to:

Part Three: How To Make A Velociraptor

with a video of Catherine sculpting her model.

to see our Velociraptor come to life!

velociraptor model head

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