Free Typing Games
And Lessons For Kids

These free typing games are a brilliant way for your kids to pick up a skill through fun learning lessons that will help them throughout their lives.

Free typing games

I've got some great sites to suggest which are both fun and free.

Typing Learning For Kids has a whole lot of free resources to help make typing practice easy.

Learning how to type is one of those brilliant ideas which can really help a reluctant writer.

My homeschool son William has graduated summa cum laude with a First Class degree at Oxford University but he couldn't really write until high school age.

Whatever creative writing ideas and prompts we tried, it was a struggle. Later I discovered research shows boys may be slower at picking up fine motor skills - and I also know that many homeschool parents have problems making writing fun.

Typing is a way to make composing sentences and writing English something to look forward to.

Typing Practice

Dance Mat Typing has free online touch typing lessons help your child learn how to type much faster.  By building up the 'muscle memory' in fun games your child will quickly begin to automatically know which letter is where on the keyboard.

Touch typing is such a useful skill to master.

My children both loved typing games. It's definitely the way to sneak in learning without anyone noticing!

You'll find lots of free typing games to tempt your child whether they like racing cars, fighting the zombies, or flying a rocket.

I had a go at being a pilot and flying through the spaceships; definitely improves your typing speed!

There's a finger chart to show you which keys to put your fingers on.

KidzType Dance Mat

KidzType Dance Mat Typing is an interactive game which takes your child step-by-step through the stages of touch typing so they can easily build their skills.

The game starts at stage one with the home row with clear instructions and a cartoon character to guide you through the steps.

The game teaches you all you need to know about touch typing:

  • How to use the letter keys
  • Punctuation marks
  • How to capitalize words

By playing the game, typing gets to be automatic and you're not staring at the keyboard trying to find that pesky letter all the time!

Games are also great because they make things fun. Here's our dog Pebble having a go herself!

free typing practice

More Ideas For A Reluctant Writer

You can find lots more writing tips here, plus a lovely writing project called my life in a box.

Once your child gets more confident typing, you can start adding in things for them to type which will really improve their confidence in English.

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