Best Homeschooling Tips For Starting Out: 
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Starting homeschooling is probably the scariest thing you'll ever do!

Find the best homeschooling tips to steer you through with help from 2,000+ members of the Courageous Homeschooling Facebook support group.

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These best homeschooling tips prove we've all been there, we know exactly what you mean - but actually it's all going to work out just fine.

Best Homeschooling Tips

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“Relax. Don't compare.  Not to public school, not to other homeschool families... Do what works for you and your children.  That's the beauty of homeschooling.  I promise, even when you think you're doing it all wrong, or not doing enough, you will see your children growing and learning.  It's amazing.” ~ Jennifer

“Deschool if you've deregistered.  Don't jump in with both feet.  Take time to get to know each other again.  Don't try to recreate school at home and don't go out buying every single resource without looking for free ones first.” ~ Emma

“Don't look at it as a full school time commitment.   Take one year at a time, and plan that way.  Next year you could be in a totally different place.  And a different thing could work that doesn't work now.   Also, every kid is different.  What works for one doesn't always work for the other.  Do what works for your family *right now.*   Figure next year out next year.” ~ Monica

“Find a friend who you can moan to who won't suggest you put them back into school.” ~ Jessica

Courageous Homeschooling Handbook

These best homeschooling tips are an extract from the Courageous Handbook.

The Handbook answers the fears and doubts we all have when starting homeschooling so you can see what others learned and reassure yourself that things will work out.

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“Learning comes in many forms, not just at a desk with a book being talked down to.  Explore all of the forms.  Forget what you thought you knew, indulge in a major mind shift.  See it as a lifestyle.  Connection with family members is crucial, let that be your priority, the other stuff will follow.  If something ain't working change it up or toss it out. Happiness and health all round are conducive to much learning.  Find your family rhythm, there are no have-to's unless you set the have-to's. Have fun, be silly, laugh, love, live the example of lifelong learning.   Take breaks.   Have holidays.  Get out and explore the world around you.   Pray pray pray.  It's an incredible magical journey.” ~ Kim

“Don't try to be perfect.” ~ Amanda

“Don't worry about curriculum.  Just fill in gaps and teach through life lessons.  You will come across curricula as you get more involved and find one that is suited for your child.” ~ Serene

“Later is better.” ~ Laurie

“Being nervous and scared is Okay!  We've all been there and will go through our moments of doubts.  You just take one day at a time, and once you have a little confidence, it helps you push on...There are so many sources available to help them learn in the subjects they love, even if you feel you're not up to the task.  Don't feel discouraged.” ~ Danielle

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“Take people’s comments with a pinch of salt. People like to share all the good things but they too struggle, you aren’t alone.

  • Spend lots of time just getting to know your children and what they enjoy.  I was shocked at how little I knew my children and how little they really knew themselves when we removed them from school.  We took lots of time out just playing and doing fun tasks getting to know each other.
  • Leave those groups full of judgmental people who insist you have to homeshool in a certain way.  Trust yourself, you do know what is best for your family.  There are groups that will support you however you decide to educate your children.
  • Don’t rush into joining every subscription or start stock piling resources.   It’s amazing how little you actually need and how much just gets left on the shelf.  There are also many homeschool groups that source great discounts on subscriptions as well as groups for sharing resources.
  • Homeschooling really doesn’t have to cost much, we actually spend less on resources now than if our children were in school.” ~ Ruth

“Breathe!!  You've got what it takes!  God gave them to you to love, raise, and teach!” ~ Margaret

“Go with the flow, don't try to be perfect and notice what is working and what isn't.  Be prepared to totally change approach where needed and be adaptable.” ~ April

“Buy plenty of wine.” ~ Vicky

“I wish I would have read all of these before we embarked on this journey.   It would have saved many tears and our first year from being World War Three in my house!   Despite the hardships, we are now going into our 7th year of homeschooling.” ~ Lindsay

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More Best Homeschooling Tips

The Courageous Homeschooling Facebook support group

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The Courageous Homeschooling Handbook

The highly recommended Courageous Homeschooling Handbook makes starting homeschool much easier and less scary by sharing the best homeschooling tips from over 100 families so you can see what others learned and reassure yourself that things will work out.

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