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Courageous Homeschooling e-course lesson nineteen

Successful homeschooling isn't always about what you think it is! My free e-course will help you realize that your children's needs are part of the picture - but you are just as important!

Courageous Homeschooling e-course

My free Courageous Homeschooling e-course has been teaching you the techniques to achieve successful homeschooling.

Today I need to get you to see that there is another vital step you need to take.

essential steps to successful homeschooling

I can show you that best by showing you a picture:

whole life with homeschooling

Say homeschooling really is your WHOLE life – and it often feels like that when you start!

Look at what your life looks like.

Say you decide homeschooling isn't the right choice for your family, look what happens to your life:

whole life without homeschooling

Pretty scary!!!

And when you come to think about it, even the first box doesn't look right.

There is something wrong. 

And to make a successful homeschool we need to put it right.

N.B. This is Lesson 19 of my 21 lesson free Courageous Homeschooling e-course which teaches the techniques to make homeschooling work for all of you.

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What Is Successful Homeschooling?

Fans of my e-course will know that Susan Jeffers, best-selling author of: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, has a great deal to teach us about successful homeschooling.

Susan wants to ask us to think about what makes up a successful life - and we can apply that to homeschooling.

There are two dangers if you make homeschooling the totality of your life:

  1. It's too much of a burden on your kids.
  2. Although in some ways you are fulfilled, in other ways you may well surprise yourself by the amount of emptiness you feel inside. That's certainly true in my case.

See what happens when we add more things in:

a fulfilling homeschool

Gosh! Doesn't that look better?

Take Action

confident homeschooling

If there's one big thing you can learn from my Courageous Homeschooling e-course it is to take the pressure off.

Yes, there is always lots to do when you're homeschooling.

But to stop everything getting on top of you and to really make homeschooling successful for all of you, you need to add other things in as well.

You can't give everything to your children unless you also give something to yourself.

My book is all about how to work out the balance in your homeschool so you get it right for all of you.

And I can guarantee it will massively increase the amount of satisfaction you get  when homeschooling becomes part of your life – maybe a large part - but not your whole life.

If we look at Susan's box:

  1. We've got homeschooling covered.
  2. We're working on the personal growth area.
  3. And we've created a beautiful space for our alone time.

But that leaves six spaces left to fill!

Action Plan

Why not pick one of the headings Susan has chosen and decide to put more effort into it?

I don't know which part of your life calls to you the most.

Tell us your plans on our Courageous Homeschooling Facebook group.

build a successful homeschool

I do know that the 'contribution' heading is one that's vital for me to fill.

Susan explains contribution as:

“This is the area that allows you to make your own special difference to the world.” ~ Susan Jeffers

In my case this means volunteering for two hours a week at the city Museum.

It's only two hours and I often spend all my time with the paper trimmer slicing up batches of pictures for children to color in – but it makes me feel good.

It gets me out in the world and makes me feel I am doing something to help other people.

And it gets me out of the house and away from homeschooling for a bit!

Which space in your life are you going to start to fill?  Because I can guarantee that when you do, homeschooling will be far more successful for all of you.

Best wishes


Quote about the importance of making homeschooling rewarding

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