Three Simple Science Experiments:
Make A Barometer, Clouds Activity, and Milk Surface Tension

Three simple science experiments that are great, easy to do and you can start right now! Use a roll of cotton for clouds, make a barometer and show how surface tension works with the magic of milk.

Three simple science experiments that are easy and you can do right now

You can also get a free e-book of the best simple science experiments that won't let you down! 

Let's start with how to make a barometer and then demonstrate surface tension with the magic of milk.

Number One

Make A Barometer

Make a barometer

Bianka has found this simple but great way to make a barometer.

"We made a barometer to see if we can predict when the rain is coming by using it.

Well it works so far! The water level rose throughout the night which means favorable weather conditions. We'll see what happens when there is a storm on the way."

~ Bianka, Courageous Homeschooling Facebook support group

You can see how to do it here:

And there are full instructions here.

Number two

Surface Tension Experiment

Here's why I like this experiment so much:

  • You're almost bound to have the ingredients
  • It's simple, safe and quick
Milk surface tension experiment
  • And totally beautiful!

"We have done this experiment. My daughter loved it."

~ Dorene, homeschool-activities facebook fan


  1. Pour some milk into a dish.
  2. Add drops of different colors of food coloring.
  3. Get some dish soap and add a drop.
  4. Watch the colors swirl.

"We did this, it was awesome!"

~ Carmen, homeschool-activities facebook fan

This is one of those simple science experiments where all the stuff you need for  should be in your kitchen cupboard. 

Any brand of dish soap (washing up liquid in the UK) will do. 


You may need to supervise the bit when your kids add the food colors as they can go a bit wild and muddy brown is not everyone's favorite color.

Surface Tension Science

surface tension experiment

This simple science experiment is one of many kids science ideas you'll find here.

If you're interested in the homeschool science behind the experiment, you'll be pleased to know you've just used simple science to demonstrate the basic reason why pond skaters walk on water!

The molecules in the milk are attracted to each other and that bond makes an invisible 'skin' on top of the milk. That's the surface tension effect.

By adding dish soap you weaken the surface tension and the molecules move apart. That's how come this simple experiment shows your kids pretty colors as the food dyes mix together to make beautiful sunsets.

Here is a a free printable sheet of this homeschool experiment.

Number three

Clouds Activity

Clouds activity

This is a simple weather science idea thanks to Ana's family.


  • Ana's family read the book Clouds by Anne Rockwell.

Please note that the book links on this page are affiliate links so if you buy I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

  • Go to YouTube and search: "Types of Clouds."
  • Use a roll of cotton to make the clouds.
  • Color them by mixing black and white acrylic paint to make gray.
  • Stick them on some construction paper.
  • Add labels.

There is a sample inside Anne Rockwell's book to show you how to create the different clouds, but a bit of googling will soon show you the basic shapes.

Thanks Ana, lovely idea for a simple science experiment.

Homeschool Science

home school science

Teaching Home School Science

I learned a lot about home school science teaching, and the main thing I realized is that learning science is all about encouraging your child's natural curiosity and wonder in the world.

It's that sense of wonder and excitement which is the basis for getting your kids interested in science.

It's also the basis for our home school science lessons.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Butterfly Unit Study

Find out all about the life cycle of a butterfly here.

Grow sugar crystals

Growing sugar crystals can be surprisingly tricky; avoid the pitfalls here.

Dig up a dinosaur

Come and dig up a dinosaur here.

Make a lava lamp simple kids science

 Kids Lava Lamp Science Experiment

ten science experiments that won't let you down e-book

Go to the link to kids experiments to get a free e-book of ten simple science experiments that won't let you down!

Want to remember this? Post this Simple Science Experiments pin to your favorite Pinterest board!

Three simple science experiments

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