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Courageous Homeschooling e-course lesson thirteen

Homeschooling help for parents teaches you techniques which get you through the ups and downs of homeschooling.

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My free e-course is showing you how to fill your life with all sorts of wonderful ideas and actions which make homeschooling the best decision you ever made.

What a shame not everyone sees it that way!

We all have friends and relatives who spend their time questioning your decision – or, like my father-in-law, pointedly walk out of the room whenever the subject comes up.

What a way to make for an awkward afternoon!

Of course, they are often trying to be 'helpful.' They feel they have your children's – and their grand-children's - best interests at heart.

But what they are really doing is pushing the big RED BUTTON which says:

You don't know what's best for your children and boy are you making a big mistake!!!

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N.B. This is Lesson 13 of my 21 lesson free Courageous Homeschooling e-course which teaches the techniques to make homeschooling work for all of you.

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What Other People Think

It is worth working out what's behind their comments for two reasons:
1. It takes the sting away.
2. It gives you power.

We often forget something.

Homeschooling is a threat. Just by teaching your children at home you are throwing up all sorts of challenges which strike at the very heart of 'family.'

Without meaning to, you are giving off all sort of awkward messages and begging the question:

Why did they send their children to school?

They probably hadn't even thought about it because that's what everyone else does.

But, when you ask, you often discover that actually there were things they didn't like about school.


So...why didn't they choose to homeschool?

Now we're getting somewhere.

When you look deeply at the answer to that last question you may discover that the real reason is because they feel:


They are too scared. They haven't got the patience being around the children all day and they're afraid to stand out from the crowd and deal with all the awkward questions you get asked!

That's a big discovery because it means Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway really does apply to millions of people.

Now obviously you'll want to spend time allaying their fears.

But YOU come first.

You want to make certain that your homeschool isn't dragged down by other people's worries.

Take Action

confident homeschooling

Today's challenge is to:

Get rid of the negative people in your life.

When it comes to homeschooling help for parents, that's the sort of advice which may seem a bit strange.

But see what a difference it makes  and you'll see why it's so important.

Homeschooling Help For Parents:  
The Relatives

The trouble is, I know that's pretty impossible when it's your relatives!

Just look at what a close relative posted on Deena's wall after she shared one of my Facebook posts:

Quote about worries to do with homeschooling

You can easily dig up the answers:

1. Loads of research to prove the effectiveness of home school socialization

2. The fact that homeschooling enables you to tailor exactly the right amount of structure that suits your child

But it's not the rousing chorus of approval that makes your day!!

Especially when:
“I know you want the best for your kids”
rings the FEAR bell double-time!

Action Plan

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Homeschooling help for parents is all about taking action to create the best and most fulfilling place for all of you.

These are the techniques I suggest you try:


Adopt a different attitude to the negative stuff that comes your way.  Look at what Susan Jeffers says:

Susan Jeffers quote from Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway


Limit the amount of time you spend with Aunty Fay!


Take the heat out of the situation by saying you're going to try out homeschool for a year and see how it goes. Much less threatening and works every time!


Surround yourself with people who say YES! What a brilliant thing to do. It's often the most unlikely people who come up to you in the street and say: “I wish I had your courage.”


Join a homeschool group/forum. We all need support and who better to give it than the people who know best? We all struggle with well-meaning relatives and the nosy teacher down the road.

build a successful homeschool

I would like to carry on teaching you the techniques which will give the most homeschooling help for parents.

In my next e-course lesson we're going to look at how you conquer one of the biggest fears that comes with homeschooling:

Will my child be lonely?

Best wishes


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