Homeschool Math Help

Need some homeschool math help? Math at home can be one of the most difficult subjects to teach so getting some advice from fellow homeschoolers about what works makes all the difference.

It's great to get genuine help from homeschoolers who know what they are talking about!

You'll find here:

  • Suggestions for useful websites
  • Advice from homeschoolers who have been there themselves and know exactly how hard it can be
  • Encouragement
  • Tips you can try to help your child conquer math and re-discover the joy of numbers
  • Links to fun math activities, the best free worksheets and top homeschool resources

"Hi everyone!! Having a little struggle here and need to read your thoughts or advice about it.

My girl (13yo) hates math! I've tried almost everything. She doesn't like the online class, she prefers books. I give her 30 min to complete the task, and it takes her an hour or more sometimes. Frustration is about to get me."

~ Carina

homeschool math help

See here real-life answers from homeschoolers.

Homeschool Math Help

"OK what you need to do is stop, take a step back and leave it for now. Get her doing maths with you in every day stuff like cooking or shopping. What maths are you doing with her? Although Jayne is 9 she struggles badly with maths, I had her in tears as she didn't get it especially fractions. I get her sorting the ingredients out when we cook, when shopping she tells me how much and we doing maths with how much would this cost. Also when I'm doing her lunch we do fractions together.  Your daughter can tell this frustrates you. She prefers books, which ones? Work on the ones she prefers to do. No matter what she does she is learning." ~ Sylvia

"Thank you Sylvia! Cooking sounds great, will give it a try." ~ Carina

"Good luck Carina. importantly don't stress no matter what she is doing with you she is learning. You are doing a great job x" ~ Sylvia

homeschool math

You can see lots of ideas for fun math activities, including cooking, making your own board game, number codes etc. on this page.

"And this is one of the reasons we homeschool. So we can concentrate on learning. My grandson doesn't work as quickly as I would like sometimes, but we're not locked into a time frame like the school system has. She will get this. Just calm down and ask her to help find solutions. You are a team in this. You aren't enemies. You have the same goal - helping her to learn math. Work together and you can accomplish anything!" ~ Harriet

"Must needed reminder about not being locked up in a time frame. Thank you Harriet!!" ~ Carina

"Sometimes it can be easy to put an unrealistic expectation on our children for how long it takes to do something. My son is a creative learner and he has his own time flow... slow and slower. He does not work well with a time restraint and seems to do better if I work with him on things. I have learned that if I force or rush him, he shuts down and learns nothing or believes he is stupid. In our situation, this has led us to become unschoolers. But may I suggest, that if your daughter is interested in doing books, a lovely math program that truly makes math, even fractions, seem easy, is Key To Math. My high school math teacher sister recommended it to me for teaching my daughter, as math is not my strong suit. I was amazed at how well everything is described. I even feel like I finally understand things that were once difficult. I also like that Key To is very affordable. You could see what they have to offer and let your daughter choose which area she would like to study. Then, I would work through it with her, or sit nearby when she does her math to provide support as needed. You could use that time to make a shopping list or read a book, etc... so you don't feel you are wasting time while you wait for her to finish."~ Lisa

"I think we have distant twins Lisa! You perfectly described my daughter through your kid. Would definitely give it a try on the Key to Math, since it's kind of difficult for myself also. Thanks a lot!!" ~ Carina

"You are so welcome. I really don't think you will be sorry! And it is such an affordable curriculum too! Let me know if I can be of any further help to you and my son's twin!" ~ Lisa

Khan academy

"Yes, take a break and just do practical Maths for a bit, the Maths you use every day. We did try Khan Academy's Pixar in a Box but the Maths was a bit too advanced for my struggling 8 year old at the time, but you use Maths to do programming. It gives you instructions and gives you hints if you get stuck. You can dip in and out of it but there is a purpose for the Maths, to create animation." ~  Sx

"Thanks Sheila! We did Khan Academy and didn't like it, but that about programming sounds interesting, at least for me. Will add it to the must try list!" ~ Carina

"We went back to a lower level that was easy for each of our girls and worked up at their own pace.....they now know what they have available to learn and work their way through it in whatever order they like....they seem to be making better progress this way." ~ Susanne

"Oh yes indeed, maybe she needs to go back to basics. Thanks Susanne!" ~ Carina

More Homeschool Math Help

There are a couple of pages here which have homeschool math help.

  • Times Tables help with teaching tips, a free e-book, Japanese multiplication, a free app and free printables
  • This page on homeschool math help has free online sites, the top three free math worksheets, fractions, geometry etc.
  • I am on an exam forum for homeschoolers and ConquerMaths gets an overwhelming thumbs up from homeschooling parents. Homeschoolers get a 40% discount, and if you click on this ConquerMaths link and use my voucher code HSACTIVITIES you'll help me and get a 40% discount too!

"There is a website with videos called MathAntics. The videos are available on YouTube, but for $20 a year you can get all of the worksheets on the website. He explains things so clearly that I finally understand some things I struggled with in Algebra a lot of years ago. It might be helpful." ~ Harriet

"I think I will check this out...Maths isn't my strong point either and in some things we do we learn together." ~ Sylvia

"My husband laughed at me when he came home and I was exclaiming over exponents! "I get it! I get it!"~ Harriet

"Hello Carina, every child is different but when our child has got difficult about a subject it meant that she did not understand it, then we went a bit backwards and we tried again (often with a different approach). When something is difficult, I sit with her while solving the task, that helps her to focus and I can identify when she gets stuck, I give her time for thinking but if she cannot solve it I explain it again but differently, that helps her not to struggle that much and it is easier to keep her positive... When she masters something, we keep doing some more exercises other days, not so much for avoiding to forget them (she does not forget that fast) but because that makes her feel more confident and happy and it helps her to improve her self-esteem. Good luck!" ~ Maria

"This is definitely one of the things I'll have to improve, to have more than one method and some visuals too. Thanks VM!" ~ Carina

Thank you to everyone in the Courageous Homeschooling Group for taking to time to give homeschool math help.

Helping each other is what homeschooling is all about.

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