Homeschooling Fears

Today I want to talk about homeschooling FEARS. Because there is an awful lot of fear in life - and even more when you think you might home school!

Pledge Book how to respond to hurtful people:

Gosh Monica this is just such a great article. It has so many things in it which by putting them into practice make us better people. And actually I think this group fits into a lot of this - because some of the things which it says - like respecting other people's opinion even if it is different from your own, listening to each other, trying "to remember to always ask, “How are you doing?” and listen" are exactly what we do to each other - and I am not the only one to find that an inspiration and a tremendous comfort. I

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I really believe Susan Jeffers when she says it is mostly fear which holds us back from experiencing the wonder and joy of life.

And I think it's definitely true that we are all desperately worried about whether we're good enough.

Especially when it comes to homeschooling!

So I would like to apply her book: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway to help you get the most from this special time you have with your children so that you can celebrate homeschooling as the best decision you ever made.

banish your homeschooling fears

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Feel The Fear And Do Homeschooling Anyway!

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And what we can see is that the biggest obstacle to overcome is conquering your fears:

What if I've made the wrong decision?
What if I let down the kids and my kids are behind everyone else's?
What if I'm a useless teacher?

Added to that are the deeper feelings which tap into our fears of:

What Susan would say is that the route to peace and calm is to realize that you can handle it.

You can handle your homeschooling fears because you will cope.

Whatever happens.

good things about homeschooling

Firstly, you cannot make a 'wrong' decision. Whether homeschooling works out or not, you will learn loads about yourself and your kids, you will find out what makes all of you happy.

You will not 'fail' because you tried and you learned from it. 

The secret is to take all the positives you can and use them to help you.

You just need to believe in yourself.


You are far more capable than you give yourself credit for.

You will find answers to the problems that all of us encounter when we homeschool.

Every time you start worrying that homeschooling isn't 'working', you need to remind yourself that the reason is because you are not feeling good enough about yourself.

And AFFIRMATIONS are a fantastic way to make yourself feel great.

If you did your homework and read Lesson Two (!), you will have picked the affirmations which most appeal to you and be able to look at them for reassurance and encouragement.

Quote from Heidi McDonald about loving teaching

I will help you with one of my favorites from Susan Jeffers:

"I am powerful and I am loving."

When you say those words or think them or even hear them, they become the thoughts that create your reality.

Take Action

confident homeschooling

Firstly, I'd love to welcome you to our Courageous Homeschooling Facebook group.

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Action Plan

Today's task is to keep telling yourself:
I can handle it!

Use the affirmations you have chosen to fill your homeschool with peace and joy.

But they are only one of a range of tools you can use to turn those homeschooling fears aroound.

All those negative thoughts that gnaw away can be defeated.

You just need to become your own best friend.

And a great way to do that is to get inspired by reading some uplifting inspirational quotes.

Here are some Susanne picked to put up in her kitchen:

Courageous affirmations

And Ruth Robson from the course has made a beautiful Courageous Homeschooling poster will make your home feel happy, joyful and remind you why homeschooling is the best choice you ever made.

Homeschooling Poster

Searching out your favorite quotes is a really inspiring way to spend your time!

I will leave you with a few of mine from my pinterest board

Come and share yours and see what others from the Courageous Facebook group have posted in a special Group Folder called:

build a successful homeschool

And you are well on the way to making certain that your homeschooling is a success!

Best wishes


Lesson 4 will teach you that one of the best ways to defeat your homeschooling fears is to overcome your negative chatterbox.

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