Easy Tepee Crafts For Kids

by Emma

Native Indian Tepee

Native Indian Tepee

Easy Kids Tepee Crafts

Time to Complete : 30 minutes
Difficulty : Easy

Crafts Supplies To Make A Kids Tepee.

1. Find four fairly straight sticks or twigs, each about 12 inches
2. Pack of toothpicks (4 or 5 per tepee)
3. Large paper grocery bag
4. Yarn or twine
5. Glue
6. Scissors
7. Paints (Bright Red, Blue, Yellow, and Brown)
8. Hand held hole puncher
9. Pin or thumb tack

Instructions To Make A Kids Tepee.

1. Find four fairly straight sticks or twigs each about 12 inches long.

2. Form the twigs into a four-point freestanding structure and connecting them by weaving yarn or twine around the twigs at the top.

3. Measure the length of your sticks from where they are connected to the point at which they touch the floor.

4. Cut the bottom out of the paper bag, so that it lays flat forming a long rectangle.

5. You will cut out a half circle that is as deep as the length of your sticks and twice as long as that number.

6. Cut out a rectangle using the dimensions above.

7. Fold the newly cut rectangle in half long ways.

8. Cut a deep quarter circle from the bottom of the fold to the top of the outer perimeter.

9. When you open the paper bag half circle you will see your skin or wrap for your tepee.

10. Wrap the skin
around the stick structure to make sure that it fits.

11. Lay your skin down and paint your designs.

Note : Native Indian tepees usually have geometrical shapes and mystical animals like deer, turtles, buffalo and use colors found in nature like reds, blues, yellows, and black.

12. Punch holes about one inch apart around the bottom of the tepee or the around the circular part. Lace string through the holes to give the effect of how the Indians would attach it to the ground. Fold the ends of the skin under and paste it to seal.

13. Make a door - Cut a circle out of the extra pieces. Draw an inner circle about half an inch in. Cut slits from the outer circle in about a centimeter apart. Cut along the inner circle every other section. Fold the existing sections in.

14. Wrap your skin around the twig structure with the overlap in front.

15. Poke holes with a thumb tack on each side of the overlap. Make two above the door and two below.

16. With the toothpick position above the door, put your tepee door loop through the toothpick (pin) before you poke it through the second hole.

17. Traditionally, Indians used pins to hold their tepee together, but we will use toothpicks. From inside the structure, poke a toothpick through the thumb tack holes and push the tooth pick down through the opposite hole.

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I love Native Indian crafts for kids
by: Sonya

Thanks so much for sharing this fantastic crafts idea Emma! We love doing Native Indian crafts but have only tried bead work up until now; the tepee idea looks great and easy to do.
I really like the idea of decorating your tepee with buffaloes and other animals. We'll have to have a go ourselves!
Best wishes and thanks for sharing.

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