Fun Homeschool Activities For Kids

I have picked the best homeschool activities for you using my experience as one of the very few second generation homeschooling families taught at home myself.

Here is a selection of some of the homeschool ideas you can find on our site.

All of our activities have been road tested by my children William and Catherine and been a hit in our homeschool.

What's New

I have written a new book called Homeschool Secrets of Success to help with the biggest battle we all face: how to motivate our kids.

This guide will prove to you that the biggest secret to homeschool success is motivation.

Because when you choose how to homeschool, there is an elephant in the room. And that's you. You are the parent. But now you are the teacher too. That is potentially an enormous problem on the motivation front.

This guide shows you exactly what things you can do in your homeschool to get your kids happy and enthusiastic - and what not to do.

Homeschool Secrets of Success

Our latest project is fun homeschool geography World Unit Studies starting in South Africa.

You'll find we use all sorts of different ways to learn, including post cards, bank notes and stamps!

Learning your math times tables can be tough!

I want to help you find the method that suits your child best.

You'll find:

  • math tips
  • activities
  • an amazing free e-book
  • plus my own free printable in this page on my top math tips.

tips to help learn your times tables

What homeschool activities you pick will depend on what homeschooling method you choose.

I'm getting a lot of questions on my Facebook page asking what is unschooling? Here is the answer brought to you from homeschooling families who can show you that for their children it's turned out to be the best way to learn and the happiest solution for all of them.

Dr Alan Thomas home education research

See how to make a dinosaur! You will learn the techniques which you can use to build your own statue and get to grips with fantastic dinosaur crafts.

This homeschool Velociraptor model is made by my daughter Catherine age 13 with help from her Dad.

make a velociraptor

Visitor's Favorite Pages

Free guide on how to start homeschooling

Sign up for my free Start Homeschooling Guide and get some living proof that teaching your child at home is the best decision you ever made.

human body activities

Fun homeschool activities in this kids human body project for all ages.  Make a stethoscope, a lift-the-flap body model and a bucket full of blood!

rainforest lemur

Homeschooling science comes alive in the rainforest! If your child likes animals and is aged 5- 7 and older you'll love our Rainforest for Kids activities.

You'll start by making a homeschool rainforest scene, including the largest spider in the world!

common blue butterfly

Whatever the season, our butterflies for kids page with it's free printable butterfly life cycle stays ever popular.

dinosaur robots

A hands-on homeschool activity which gets you re-cycling bits from the trash can to make your own junk robots.

ocean scene

Homeschool Unit Studies under the sea! Make an ocean scene and find out about life underwater.

And these are all fun educational ideas which lead on to investigating all sorts of interesting areas of the curriculum.


Homeschool activities for kids are perfect for crafts because there's a much better chance that you can do them when your kids feel like it! 

Easter bunny

Easter seems a lovely time to practice fun easter activities and easy Easter egg decorating.

hand painted cat rocks

And painted rocks are always great to collect from the beach whether it's summer or winter!

paper mache projects for kids

If you haven't tried paper mache yet, you're missing a treat! Come and find fabulous paper mache projects for kids, like this model dragon made by my daughter Catherine.

dream catcher

Come and find out how to make a magical dream catcher with our simple instructions.

friendship bracelets

Sandy did a great job of sharing her favorite homeschool activity, as you can see on the pages she wrote to show you her simple method for making friendship bracelets.


Science is our favorite subject so there's plenty of home school science activities to enjoy.

Have look at our Top Ten best kids science experiments.

I've made them with free printable sheets as you can see in this fun page on how to make a lava lamp.

lava lamp experiment

Cool science fun for kids - including glow sticks in the bath!

experiments with glow sticks

You'll find everything from making a model Voyager space probe to dissecting owl pellets and Chemistry kits.


All homeschool activities are educational because your child will learn all sorts of things from doing them.

However, these pages will help if you want to do something with your child which is more formal.

free alphabet worksheets

Lots of super free worksheets to help you teach the alphabet.

kids story writing sheets

Fun free kids story worksheets and you'll find the kids writing tips activities particularly helpful if you have a reluctant writer (like my son William!)


OK  I said science is our favorite homeschool subject - could be I was lying! 

We love art and crafts projects.

Let's start with a bit of fun preschool hand art for the little ones:

kids hand art

See how to draw dragons!  My daughter takes you through the stages step-by-step in her free drawing tutorial and she's made you some free coloring sheets too.

how to draw a dragon


Here's a few of our most popular ideas:

Make your own board game for kids

A fabulous homeschooling activity that sneaks in a bit of math at the same time.

If you pick the right game, it's easy to make a board game for free  - as you can see from Catherine's Warrior Cats Monopoly.

ocean diorama

Make a diorama in a box.  Just take a shoe box, make a hole in the back and hang fish and underwater creatures from the lid - you'll create your own secret undersea world.

homeschool activities
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You'll find lots more free homeschool activities for all ages all through my site, from making paper airplanes to a chocolate fudge recipe.

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