Homeschooling Quotes:
Humor and Encouragement

Homeschooling quotes and humor are just what you need sometimes!

A quick injection of John Holt or John Taylor Gatto can be just the encouragement you need when things seem a little tough.

John Holt quote

Humor is a great help when you're homeschooling!

homeschool joke

Homeschooling Quotes: John Holt

I thought we'd start with some of my favorite quotes from the iconic John Holt.

john holt quote
john holt quote

If I need some encouragement, I often look back to what he says because he puts things so clearly you can't fail to remind yourself why you chose to homeschool in the first place.

john holt quote

You'll find lots more excellent John Holt homeschool quotes when you click on this link, as well as look at some of his free articles.

John Holt has lots of inspiration which can give us all much needed encouragement, as you'll see in my page comparing homeschooling with public schooling.


Homeschooling affirmations are powerful tools which you can use whenever you feel the need to remind yourself that teaching your child at home is the best decision you ever made.

Even as a second generation homeschooler taught at home myself, I can reassure you that we all often face a daily battle with niggling fears and doubts.

The good news is that Susan Jeffers' bestselling book, Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway! has shown us how to deal with them.

She has proven that at the heart of all our fears is the fear of failure.

Frederick Keonig quote about happiness

All you need do to overcome your fears is to change the way you think.

My home school help page will show you how to open the door to peace and fulfillment by showing you that what's wrong is often nothing to do with how you are teaching your child.

It's about how you feel about yourself

homeschooling affirmations

And to help you realize what a special person your are, you'll see I have made you a list of free printable homeschooling affirmations.

Cut out any that speak to you, put them somewhere you can see, and remind yourself what a wonderful job you are doing.

Inspirational Quotes

I must say I find a few inspirational words is a great way to start my day!

Wayne has set up a really good website where you can get inspirational quotes, sayings, and words of wisdom for self improvement.

You can find Quotes of the Day and track down that elusive quote which you can't quite remember exactly how it goes!

Quote from Will Smith about homeschooling

Homeschool Humor

homeschool humor

I'm going to put some quotes from my children William and Catherine in the hope that it will inspire you to share with us funny stories which have brought a smile to your homeschool day.

One way we can all help each other is by lightening the load; that feeling of responsibility is one of the bad things about homeschooling that can be overwhelming, and humor is a great way to lift your spirits.

Here are a few classics from our homeschool humor:

William and Catherine
  • Catherine: "I'm not clever at everything Mum." Mum: "I'm not clever at everything either. No-one is clever at everything. I can't do William's K'Nex." Catherine: "But you are clever at cleaning."
  • William: "I don't like your Shepherd's pie Mum it's got too much vegetation in it."
  • William: "I do like lots of different sorts of food Mum, just nothing that's cooked at home."
homeschool joke; how does a homeschooling family change a light bulb?

Your Homeschooling Quotes

I was very touched with this submission from a homeschooling Mom sharing some of her memories:

Eldest daughter says,

''I like everything except my chores!!''

Youngest daughter says,

''I like math and meringues!''

family scene

Looking on Pinterest I've seen some absolutely fabulous sayings and thoughts picked out by you.  In fact I often look on Pinterest to get inspired!

wendy priesnitz quote

I regularly post quotes on my popular Facebook page if you'd like to see more.

Sharing homeschooling quotes and humor is a fantastic way to lighten up your day!

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