Free Homeschool Worksheets
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Find free homeschool worksheets from one of the very few second generation homeschooling families and see our guide to the best free printables.

Got any free homeschool worksheets or printables you can recommend? - Click here to share...

You'll find the choice of free worksheets can be overwhelming and you can waste a lot of time looking.

We decided the best way we can help is by using our own unique homeschooling experience of what actually works to make our own.

Free Homeschooling Worksheets

story writing worksheets

Story Writing

One of the best ways you can help with English skills is to encourage your kids to start writing stories.

Once you've planted the seed and writing becomes something your kids want to do all the other English skills will follow.

So we decided that our very first free homeschool worksheets would be these story printables.

handwriting help for kids

Handwriting Practice Worksheets

Find the best recommendations for free worksheets, ideas and homeschooling resources to help with your kids handwriting.

Free Preschool Worksheets

animal alphabet worksheets

Homeschool Alphabet Worksheets

You can get our free alphabet worksheets designed as printable alphabet letters for your child to copy as a fun handwriting activity - and they're illustrated with beautiful homeschool animal pictures specially drawn by Catherine.

If you go to our free homeschooling Alphabetical Order Worksheets page, you can put all that handwriting practice to good use by putting the letters in the correct order.

alphabetical order worksheets

Alphabetical Order Worksheets

Science Experiments

You'll find free printable instructions for our top ten science experiments.

See how to make everything from a volcano to sugar crystals and slime, and try out kids lava lamp experiments.

easy science experiments for kids printables

Homeschool Printables For Kids


You'll see our homeschool math page picks out the TOP THREE math worksheets for homeschooling.

I've covered more free printable math worksheets here, and our homeschooling guide to online math activities covers the best kids websites and free games.

Free Printable Worksheets

  • This first site, Enchanted Learning, was recommended by friends of mine when we first began homeschooling. It is a subscription site, but it has loads of free homeschool printables, kids crafts to make and worksheets for grades K through 3.
  • Try Busy Teachers Cafe for grades K-6 for free homeschool printables covering reading, writing, math, language arts (grammar and phonics) and Spanish. I thought the journal calendar activity worksheets offering creative writing prompts were interesting and might well tempt a reluctant writer.
  • Donna Young has lots of free homeschool worksheets, though Donna admits she's a bit haphazard in helping you find them! But they're worth tracking down, and you'll find some interesting ones which help with general homeschooling. If you like to make an organized homeschool planner you'll find planning pages and calendar printables, along with record keeping forms.
  • Here's a guide to the best free homeschooling curriculum choices.
how to make a volcano

How To Make A Volcano

home school ideas

Home School Ideas

  • LearningPage has free printables for kids. If you click on the basics gallery you'll see a few free printables on calendar, time, alaphabet etc but I've recommended it for the galleries at the bottom of the page with facts and kids printables on reptiles, dinosaurs, zoo animals etc.
  • Printable Worksheets from Kaboose. Younger age homeschool printables for kids on the world, animals, music, space,etc.
    Got any free homeschool worksheets or printables you can recommend? - Click here to share...
  • SuperTeacher has a large collection of math, reading, writing, phonics, spelling and grammar worksheets for kids. I also notice his free printables section had some great Christmas worksheets, crosswords and puzzles which would go really well with our free homeschool Christmas math activities.

Homeschool Math

home school science

Home School Science

  • Lesson Plans Page. Worth mentioning this one as site goes up the ages right through High School and has over 3,500 free lesson plans for all subjects, but you're going to have to look hard to find a lesson plan that fits your homeschool because many are more group-oriented and vary in quality.

Free Worksheets For Kids

I've already covered some great free homeschooling resources and I'm going to be looking at more free homeschooling worksheets and printables for kids because my list is getting too long to fit on one page!

I do think though, that every family is different and every child is different.  Free homeschool worksheets can be perfect for one child but won't work with another.

Which is why it would be great if you can suggest any that you like; that way everyone gets more chance to find ones that appeal to their kids!

What Are The Best Free Homeschool Worksheets You've Found?
Tell Us...

It's very hard to find the best free homeschool worksheets and printables for your child. It would be great if you could let us know how you got on so others can benefit. What's worked for your children? What didn't? What advice would you give to others thinking of using the worksheets you chose? Please tell us...

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Surrounded By Miniature Masterminds 
Surrounded By Miniature Masterminds Newish site with free printable packs and activities for toddlers to elementary ages.

Free Homeschool Printables At 
Lots of homeschool printables connected to recent or upcoming events eg, Easter, Diamond Jubilee, Charles Dickens birthday, Chinese new year, etc. Really …

Click here to write your own.

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