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The best free home school preschool activities from one of the very few second generation homeschooling families.

Try our free animal alphabet worksheets, go on a homeschool treasure hunt, build a Zoo, measure a dinosaur, meet rainforest animals and try some fun phonics activities.

You'll see we've included lots of ideas for free home school games as well!

The secret of homeschooling preschool is to see that there are learning opportunities in everything you do.

In fact in many ways school curricula cannot hope to compete with the rich resources that are lying round you waiting to be explored at home!

Added to which you can offer the vital individual attention and love that your children deserve.

good things about homeschooling

How To Start Homeschooling

Free Preschool Worksheets

free alphabet worksheets

I've seen loads of printable alphabet worksheets (and bought many myself) which are rather dull; I wanted to use of our homeschooling experience to create something unique.

You can get our free kids worksheets designed as printable alphabet letters for your child to copy as a fun handwriting activity.

They're illustrated with beautiful home school animal pictures specially drawn by my daughter Catherine.

And you'll find more free homeschooling worksheets so you can put all that handwriting practice to good use by putting the letters in the correct order.

alphabetical order worksheets

Alphabetical Letter Order

We've also made some free homeschool printable alphabet templates for you to download.

alphabet pebbles

Homeschool Alphabet Activities

Home school activities and ideas are best when they fire up your child's imagination.

And you won't need to buy anything to come with us on our homeschooling journey activity traveling across the world because imagination is free.


Free Preschool Homeschool Activities

This home school preschool activity will appeal to all preschoolers who love trains, buses, boats and planes.

We fly the world, taking along some homeschooling toy binoculars to spot the elephants. Along the way you'll learn all sorts of things, starting with the homeschooling globe for geography and including a little sneaky homeschool math along the way.

build your own Zoo

Preschool Ideas

Another free homeschool preschool activity which builds on imagination is a family favorite - building a homeschool Zoo.

live zoo cam

A fantastic way to inspire your child to start this homeschool preschool activity is by actually watching a live web cam of real animals.

I'm going to tempt you by giving you the live link to the Smithsonian National Zoo right here to see their free live web cams of lions, cheetah cubs, clouded leopards and gorillas.

We've got lots of homeschool preschool ideas, from going on animal collecting expeditions to setting up a homeschooling animal hospital and even a dinosaur park activity.

preschool curriculum ideas

Homeschool Curriculum Activities

Free home school activity ideas are perfect for covering all sorts of curriculum subjects - without noticing.

I've put suggestions for introducing homeschooling reading, including pages to help you teach home school phonics.



Homeschooling math to preschoolers is all about making sure it stays fun. Our free Preschool Math Activity ideas start by using a homeschool butterfly to teach shape and symmetry and then suggest lots of other homeschooling activities, including measuring the garden!

counting caterpillar

Preschool Math

You can use all sorts of homeschooling ideas to make math come alive. We use music, food and classic games like I Spy to give your child a taste for numbers with our free home school Preschool Math Activities.

preschool science activities

Ideas For Preschool Science

montessori lego

Lego is always a home school preschool favorite and Montessori has over 70 Lego learning activities for you to try.

how to make a volcano

Volcano Science

john holt quote

Home school preschool activities are the best way to have a great time with your child at the same time as learning lots along the way.

I really like the way Lisa puts things in her blog:

quote by lisa hassan scott

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