Kids Writing Worksheets
Free Home Schooling Printables

These free homeschool kids story writing worksheets encourage your child to see the joy of writing. 

Aimed at all ages and abilities, with pictures chosen specially to encourage your child to put pen to paper, these worksheets come with a special kids seal of approval.

story writing worksheets

I've used our home schooling experience to pick out the very best creative writing ideas that have worked for us.

And my daughter Catherine has gone on to design some specially for you with her own drawings as inspiration.

There's lots of fantastic creative writing ideas here all designed to encourage your child to have a go themselves, starting with the very young and moving on through high school age as you go down the page.

Kids Story Writing Worksheets

all about me

All About Me

animal ark vet

Animal Ark Vet

my best pet

My Best Pet

my best holiday

My Best Holiday

my zoo

My Zoo

my best Christmas present

My Best Christmas Present

All these free printable worksheets come with a genuine kids seal of approval. They are based on creative writing ideas that have inspired my children - meaning there's a good chance they can help inspire yours!

You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer for these printable pdfs. You can get Adobe Reader here (a new window will open.)

lions and spaceships

Lions And Space Ships

help dinosaurs

Help! Dinosaurs

a baby dinosaur

A Baby Dinosaur

animal ark abroad

Animal Ark Abroad

fabulous diseases

Fabulous Diseases



Free Printable Worksheets

There are lots of ways you can encourage creative writing when you're home schooling, but I know just how hard it can be when you're faced with a reluctant writer.

Whatever I tried, my son William hated writing in our homeschool!

If getting your child to write is something you're struggling with, have a look at our homeschool help which has lots of suggestions given by a whole range of homeschoolers.

And I thought it might be nice for you to see the creative writing ideas that were actually successful with these homeschool printable worksheets.

Many of them are illustrated with my daughter Catherine's drawings - I bribed her!

Whatever stories your kids choose to write, you can be sure the work they do will help with whatever English curriculum you decide to follow.

In fact, if you can get your child writing stories they love, you'll find all their English skills improve.

keeping baby dragons

Keeping Baby Dragons

pirates ahoy

Pirates Ahoy!

how to keep dinosaurs

How To Keep Dinosaurs

percy jackson

Percy Jackson

a guide to dragons

Guide To Dragons

Home Schooling Worksheets

A word of warning. You'll see from my page on home schooling writing ideas that encouraging your child is all about getting kids to see the fun of writing - and that's exactly what these free printable worksheets are meant to do.

See if there's anything here that inspires.

If not, have a look at our page on kids writing prompts or try out some of our other activities like our underwater unit studies - all of which also include kids writing.

Then come back here and try again with these writing worksheets when the time is right!

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