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I'm going to share with you the best of our free homeschooling curriculum for home school science.

Our free homeschool curriculum goes all the way from preschool on up through high school.

It's been tried and tested on my homeschool children William and Catherine.

They both love science  - as you can see in the photo! -  and William has now been accepted by Oxford University to study Chemistry.

Who could ask for more?

What you'll see is that your role is not to answer questions so much as to encourage wonder.

It is curiosity which is the mark of a true scientist.

And that's what makes homeschool the best place to learn.

home school science projects

Teaching Homeschool Science

Unfortunately, science can be one of those areas which really throw you when you come to think about homeschooling.

Common homeschooling worries:

  • Do I really know enough to teach science?
  • Will I need specialized equipment?
  • How am I going to cover the curriculum?

Panic not. We've all been there.
And there's something you need to know, a little secret which I'm happy to share. All those science curricula educationalists are so keen on churning out – full of long words and important-sounding principles which must be absorbed and tested – they all ignore the simplest and most important truth.

Your primary task – whatever the age of your child – is to use home school science to wake up, encourage and stimulate your child's natural interest and curiosity about the world.Everything else, all scientific knowledge, follows from that.

Free Homeschool Curriculum

This page will cover all the best kids science projects from preschool up to high school. You can find more projects for high school age in our homeschool science curriculum.

butterflies for kids

Come and follow the butterfly's amazing life cycle with a free printable butterfly life cycle sheet.

kids touch and feel science experiment

Preschool science

Try our preschool science activities, make a touch and feel box and see how carnivorous plants grow. We've also got some advice for turning these projects into homeschool lesson plans.

mame a volcano

Make a kids volcano experiment

How to make sugar crystals

human body activities

Human body experiments

How to make slime

Make slime

fun bee facts

Fun bee facts

dinosaurs for kids activities


Free Homeschooling Curriculum Unit Studies

Homeschool Unit Studies are a great way of teaching kids home school science and we've got two popular Unit Studies which do just that.

Make a rainforest scene

Kids Rainforest Activities

Join us by doing home school science in the rainforest! Our free homeschooling curriculum includes meeting the biggest spider in the world, turning a pineapple into a bromeliad and listening to the rainforest at night.

Make an ocean diorama

Ocean Creatures

You'll be doing water experiments in our free homeschool Ocean Creatures Unit Study and watch Monterey Bay Aquarium's live kelp web cam.

Homeschool Science Resources


Currclick has some interesting resources for homeschoolers. 

Quite a few of the science ones are free, as is this nature study booklet.

I will get a small commission if you click on my affiliate link and purchase anything.  I only recommend resources I know are useful for homeschooling.

Kids Science Experiments

kids owl pellet dissection activity

Owl pellet dissection

build a solar system

Build a solar system model

Top ten science experiments free e-book

Kids experiments

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You'll find more science resources and ideas in my page on homeschooling science.

If you try out these kids science projects you'll find you'll naturally cover the essentials of a school science curriculum and you'll get asked questions which take you way beyond it!

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