Make Your Own Board Game
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When you make your own board game your kids you'll find it's easy to make your own version for free.

We've used games of all sorts to teach homeschool math.

The great thing about making a board game is that it involves practical math skills.

You'll be doing lots of measuring and fiddling with different dimensions

And you get the added bonus of sneaking in lots of homeschool math along the way.

Come and see how much fun we've made making Star Trek and Warriors Monopoly!

And you'll soon find out that simple is best.

Warriors Monopoly

Make Your Own Board Game For Kids

One great tip to get you started:

Easy is best.

Inventing a new board game is something that the professionals spend years agonizing over.

I think the best start is to take a game you are familiar with and make your own free homeschool version by personalizing the topic, the players and the cards.

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"Oooh, what a great idea!" ~ Christy, K

"So creative! And then more learning when you play it. So smart!" ~ Bright Ideas Press  

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"This is so fun! I'm saving this away for when mine a little older. I had no idea you could buy those make your own monopoly kits." ~ Stephanie Caldwell

Make Your Own Monopoly For Free

Star Trek Monopoly property values

Monopoly is one of the easiest games to start with. You can choose the theme that interests your kids the most and have great fun deciding what to do with it.

Warriors Monopoly

My daughter Catherine chose Warriors Monopoly. If you land on Park Lane you'll pay to stay in the Star Clan Leader den and the mortgage value will be paid in mice.

You'll win second prize in a hunting contest and get sent to the Twoleg place for a jail term.

As banker, Catherine has plenty of practice in math!

Instructions For Warriors Monopoly

"Hi I found your amazing Warriors boardgame and wondered if you might help me out. There's a fabulous young lady in my life and she loves Warriors and I'd love to make the board game for her but I have no idea where to begin and know nothing about the book series.

Would you send me the board layout and instructions so I can DIY it? It would mean the world to someone special and me!" ~ Christine

Okay Christine I will do my best.  The Board Layout follows the Monopoly colors for each space.  Catherine invented all the labels herself.

Starting at the START space it reads: Collect 200 mice as you pass HUNT with a blue arrow (this is the starting space).

Then the colors of the spaces follow roughly the Monopoly layout. 

Bluestar Warrior Cats
  1. (RED) Bloodclan members den 60 mice (cost)
  2. (WHITE) Clan Chest
  3. (RED) Bloodclan leader den 60 mice
  4. (WHITE) GIVE TO ELDERS Pay 200 mice
  5. (WHITE) Yellow Star: Moonstone 200 mice
  6. (LIGHT GREEN) Windclan apprentice den 100 mice
  7. (WHITE) CHANCE ? picture of cat
  8. (LIGHT GREEN) Windclan Warriots den 100 mice
  9. (LIGHT GREEN) Windclan Leader den 120 mice
  10. CORNER SQUARE - gray (THE JAIL)- JUST VISITING on the outside of a picture of Twoleg place in a square saying In Twoleg Place
  11. (BROWN) Shadowclan Warriors Den 140 mice
  12. (WHITE) Mouse Hole 150 mice
  13. (BROWN) Shadowclan Medicine Den 140 mice
  14. (BROWN) Shadowclan Leader Den 160 mice
  15. (WHITE) Yellow Star: Pointed Stones 200 mice
  16. (BLUE) Riverclan Apprentice Den 180 mice
  17. (WHITE) Clan Chest
  18. (BLUE) Riverclan Medicine Den 180 mice
  19. (BLUE) Riverclan Leader Den 200 mice
  20. (WHITE) Free Hunting picture of mouse

21.(BROWN) Tribe To-Be Den 220 mice

22.(WHITE) CHANCE ? picture of cat

23.(BROWN) Tribe Cave Guard Den 220 mice (tribe of Rushing Water)

24.(BROWN) Tribe Healer Den 240 mice (tribe of Rushing Water)

25.(WHITE) Yellow Star: Moonstone 200 mice

26.(GRAY) Skyclan Apprentice Den 260 mice

27.(WHITE) Rabbit Warren 150 mice

28.(GRAY) Skyclan Warriors Den 260 mice

29.(GRAY) Skyclan Leader Den 280 mice

30.CORNER SQUARE - gray- GO TO TWOLEG PLACE - picture of cat

31.(GREEN) Thunderclan Warriors Den 300 mice

32.(GREEN) Thunderclan Medicine Den 300 mice

33.(WHITE) Clan Chest

34.(GREEN) Thunderclan Leader Den 320 mice

35.(WHITE) Yellow Star: Cave of Shining Moss 200 mice

36.(WHITE) CHANCE ? picture of cat

37.(GOLD) Starclan Meeting Place 350 mice

38.(WHITE) Emergency!  Give to Elders Pay 100 mice

39.(GOLD) Starclan Hunting Grounds 400 mice

Spiritpaw Warriors

That should take you back to the Start.

The card sets are called Clan Chest and Chance.  Clan Chest are based on Community Chest but worded differently so they fit with Warriors and the same with the Chance deck.

For example:

  • Monopoly Community Chest would say "It's your Birthday collect xxxx from each player"
  • Warriors Clan Chest would say: "You won a hunting competition collect 10 mice from each player"
Property cards

are the Clan dens with the clan colors saying how much they cost to buy, how many mice a player has to spend if they land on the space and the mortgage value (in mice!) on the back.

Suggestion:...making the cards is the fun part...what about a DIY present of make your own board game where your child gets to make up the instructions on the cards?

If you, the adult, make the board for your child's favorite can bet they will know the characters better than you and they'll have great fun inventing what goes on the cards!

As you can see, when you make your own board game it's really inventive and fun.

I am sure your child could pick their favorite book series and turn it into a game.

Star Trek Monopoly

Star Trek Monopoly property values

As you can see, Monopoly converts easily to any theme you like. My son William chose Star Trek with space chest cards and a Klingon Star Empire.

In fact, this was his homeschool Christmas present to us - which just shows that fun Christmas math activities really pay off!

It's fairly easy to cut the board out of white card. You can make players from modeling clay and print out copies of the property cards on the computer.

However, there is a way that makes it even easier. The downside is that you won't get a game for free, but if it's simplicity you're after you can buy all the basics to convert into your own game and even personalize the box with this kit:

Star Wars

If your kids love Star Wars I think you would all have great fun making your own Monopoly version!


Parents will remember the old classic game of Risk!

I'm not suggesting this for a Monopoly game, but it's just the sort of game you could work with your kids to make your own version.

It might even help with a bit of homeschool geography as well!

Handy tip:

Help make the making fun (as it were!) by finding ways to help with the boring bits - print off lots of cards on the computer; download useful pictures, use counters you already have.

You'll also see when it comes to fun kids math that we've found that a big help with homeschool math is to use cuddly toys as the players.

No one seems to mind too much when Jess the collie loses again!

Make Your Own Board Game Ideas

My friend Julie has some excellent ideas about how to make your own board game and can even suggest a site where you can get your own board game professionally published.

go to space prison game

You can also have a think about any card games you can adapt to make homeschool math fun. We took one of Julie's homeschooling ideas to make our own Top Trumps for Birds and Fish as part of our 2nd grade activities.

If you purchase any of these games through my links it's a real help to me, so thank you.

If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.

What you'll find is that if you make your own board game the extra effort makes it even more fun to play.

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