Art Activities For Children
Drawing Animals

Animals have to be one of the most fabulous art activities for children!

You can tempt your kids to learn how to draw them with our wonderful homeschool art project.

goose drawing

We love homeschool art projects and my daughter Catherine has become a gifted child artist.

Your child can too!

How To Draw Animals

Learning how to draw is one of those wonderful activities which all children are born to love!

Obviously at the beginning you're going to be delighted with a blob with whiskers which is your child's cat.

But as your child grows older, one thing that may help them get more of an idea is looking for the basic shapes which go to make up animals.

geometric shapes

If you get your child to look at Catherine's goose drawing, you'll see she's drawn it by using those shapes to add the features.

You can help your child.

Even if you can't draw (most of us adults feel that way!), you can help your child see the shapes which make up most of an animal's body.

Catherine's done this in a way which works well because using dragons as the animal subject let's your child create something wonderful out of their imagination.

Dragons are very forgiving, whatever you draw will look fabulous!

how to draw a dragon

Catherine can show your child how to draw a dragon with her step by step drawing tutorial.

You'll also probably want to get some of the many How To Draw Animals books.

You can borrow them easily from a library or the last link here is for a free android app.

Animal Mis-Fits

Having got your child interested, you need something to tempt them to have a go.

Animal Mis-Fits is the homeschool answer.

My children William and Catherine love Animal Mis-Fits.

animal mis-fits

Animal Mis-Fits is the most popular of our homeschool art activities for children.

It's a wonderfully simple idea which has endless child appeal.

If your child is young, you could get them started with dinosaurs.

dinosaur drawing

The Spinosaurus fan comes from a circle and the body is a rectangle.

This is another great addition to our Dinosaur Unit Study.

dinosaurs for kids

There seems to be an endless fascination for children in making up a fantasy animal from bits of other animals!

Here is Catherine's Slowoosaur - part goose/part sloth/part dinosaur.

See how she's used geometric shapes to help her.

animal mis-fit drawing

And my son William finds this is one of his favorite art activities too!

animal mis-fits

William's picture shows even more clearly that the How To Draw Animals books can really help your child.

The triangles make the duck's feet much easier to draw, and using circles for the body is a help too.

Art Projects For Children

You'll find lots more homeschool art projects for children of all ages on our site.

If your child loves art, they can enjoy our art activities for children to improve their skills.

Here is Catherine's tiger to show where learning how to draw skills can take you.

tiger drawing

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