Printable Alphabetical Order Worksheets: Teaching The Alphabet

You'll find 26 free unique printable alphabetical order worksheets perfect for teaching the alphabet to beginner and more advanced readers.

Beautifully illustrated with unique animal drawings from my daughter Catherine, they are our gift to you.

free alphabetical order worksheets

These free printable homeschooling alphabet worksheets are in three sets, starting with beginner readers and moving on to advanced grades.

Nothing would please us more than for you to use our free printable alphabetical order worksheets with your child.

Website owners and commercial organisations - please note these homeschool images are by Catherine and the worksheets are copyright protected.

Free Alphabet Worksheets

Homeschooling my children William and Catherine has proved what I think is the most vital factor in teaching the alphabet:

Keep it fun.

Preschool alphabet activities need to show your child that all these meaningless squiggles on a bit of paper lead to something fantastic - a word!!!

I know it sounds silly, but sometimes I think we all take writing for granted without considering how long it took us to invent it!

So you'll see our homeschooling preschool curriculum activities are all designed to make teaching reading fun.

Mog and Bunny

Free Printable Worksheets

free alphabetical order worksheets simple

You'll find three sets of free alphabetical order worksheets.

Each set of printable worksheets gets progressively harder.

To download a full set of your free alphabet worksheets, click on the red link below the photo.


  • Start teaching the alphabet with this set of ten printable worksheets by asking your child to find which animal begins with the letter and then drawing a line to the animal.
  • Write the correct alphabetical order in the box.
  • Each worksheet has the alphabet in the correct order at the bottom of the page so your child can check. 
alphabetical order worksheets

alphabetical order printables

More Confident Readers

These free homeschool printables start at the beginning of the alphabet.

Each of the ten worksheets has a set of five letters to arrange in order.

alphabetical order worksheets

alphabetical order printables

Advanced Readers

Our homeschooling free printable worksheets teaching the alphabet order for WORDS start with arranging words in order of the FIRST letter.

The last worksheet in the set uses the SECOND letter.

alphabetical order worksheets second letter

alphabetical order printables

Teaching The Alphabet

Here are a few tips when you're teaching alphabetical order:

  1. Keep it short. Why not print out a few of our homeschool worksheets and then try again later?
  2. You'll see in our page on how to go about teaching the alphabet that encouraging multi-sensory learning is obviously a good idea. How about hiding a few plastic animals around the house, getting your child to find them and then arrange them in alphabetical order?

You'll find all our homeschooling activities aim to make learning fun!

Writing Worksheets

Our free printable alphabetical order worksheets make use of the delight children take in animals.

If you're teaching writing, have a look at our free printable how to write the alphabet worksheets, which help make learning how to write letters easy and teach your child how each letter is formed.

free alphabet worksheets

You can also help encourage a love of writing from a very early age by using our free homeschool worksheets to encourage your child to find writing fun.

story writing worksheets

We hope you find these free homeschool alphabetical order worksheets useful.

If you'd like us to make some more free worksheets or different ones, leave a comment in the comment box below and I'll see what I can do!

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