Kindergarten Math Activities, Games And Number Fun!

Kindergarten math activities and fun games are just the way to get your child as fluent in basic number skills as they are with words. If you approach maths in an easy, relaxed and fun way your child will naturally grasp all the main concepts without even knowing it.

Homeschool kindergarten math games and activities give your child a head start and before you know it enjoying maths has become a way of life!

We loved playing math games and adding math into our daily homeschool activities; it was one of the highlights of our day.

Fun Math Activities For Kindergarten

shop front

I think the photo gives a clue! We borrowed the cash till from the Toy Library so many times to use in homeschooling we ended up buying one! We spent so many days playing games with it I have to say it was definitely one of the best homeschool investments we have ever made.

If you aren't lucky enough to have a Toy Library near you, all the homeschooling kindergarten math games and activities I suggest can be easily found in toy stores, thrift shops or garage sales.

Playing Shop

playing shop

You don't have to have a cash till to enjoy playing shop; this is one of those fun math activities which has enduring appeal. All children love playing at being big people and going to the shops and buying your favorite things is certainly a lot of fun!

  • There are so many ways to make this homeschooling game fun. William and Catherine loved using plastic model animals for homeschool - you can see some of their favorites! You can get your child counting their animals and then ask them to decide how expensive they are - you'll get some interesting results!
  • Food is always a winner when it comes to homeschooling kindergarten. Ask you child to pick their favorite food items from the kitchen and price them. We had to limit the number of items for obvious reasons.
  • Cuddly toys and your child's favorite games are also great fun to price. Catherine always had to end up with Biggy the lion in her homeschool shopping basket.
  • To help bring homeschooling kindergarten math activities to life, give your child real coins and notes to play with. It's good to keep some real receipts for the homeschool shopkeeper to hand out.
  • Take turns being shop keeper. You can be the shop assistant to help with any tricky problems that might arise. William was always very good at finding the right money to buy something but not so accurate at giving change!

Playing shop is one of those homeschool kindergarten math activities which should score all round. It's fantastic for teaching all the basic maths skills and it's one of those homeschooling games which you can play for years to come.

Kindergarten Math Games


Homeschool Card Games

  • Uno. One of Catherine's favorite homeschooling games. Get rid of all your cards by playing a card that matches the previous one either by color, number, or type. Teaches homeschool numbers and strategy.

Board Games for Homeschooling

  1. Monopoly Junior age 5-8. A simplified version of the classic game.
  2. Other simple homeschool counting games involving rolling a die and moving spaces on a board. Save the Animals and Spotty Dog were some of the homeschooling favorites in our house.

Homeschool Dice Games

  1. Yahtzee. Roll five dice to get the highest score. Quite fun.
  2. Shut the Box. Another fun homeschooling dice game.

Number Fun

cooking timer
  • The kitchen. Get your child involved in the sticky stuff! Make cakes and treats together. Count the honey biscuits in their rows of 3s and 4s. Ask your child to weigh out ingredients. William loved the cooking timer; use it to count down to supper time!
weighing scales
  • The bathroom. Get the weighing scales out. Find your child's weight together and then go round the house and find other things to weigh - what about the cat?
  • Math workbooks can be a killer at this age. It all depends on your child. But, for math to be fun, you need to keep your child using math because they want to. Dot-to-dot books are often a hit, and another of Catherine's homeschooling favorites were books like The Great Dinosaur Search where you count the number of hidden animals on a page.

You'll find more ideal kindergarten math activities, including making a homeschool butterfly, on our fun preschool math activity page.

Looking at this list of kindergarten math activities and games I remember how much fun maths can be; I hope you and your child agree!

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