Geography Games For Kids
Geocaching And Map Reading Activities

Geography games for kids are the best way to learn and you'll find Geocaching a wonderful opportunity to get your kids playing a free real life map game where they actually get to find hidden treasure. 

You'll love adding geocaching to your homeschool geography


Here are our children William and Catherine finding a hidden cache on the coast after following the map coordinates:

geocaching for kids

"We geocache! It's fun and a great opportunity to learn soo much!"

~ Annette, homeschool-activities Facebook fan

Geocaching For Kids

Geocaching is free.  You are given the coordinates to find a hidden container - which often has a surprise present inside!

This is one of those fantastic geography activities for kids which teaches so much homeschool geography at the same time as awakening one of the most enjoyable instincts buried deep inside all of us - the treasure hunt.

You'll soon see geocaching for kids is great for all ages, from toddler to adult!

Geocaching is basically a hunt to find a cache  buried 'treasure' hidden at different locations. You'll find it teaches all sorts of homeschool geography activities:

  1. Map reading
  2. Local geography
  3. World geography as you check out on the map where different caches are - you'll find caches hidden in Libya and the Antarctic!
  4. Plotting map co-ordinates and, depending on the age of your kids, how to use a GPS
  5. Understanding and caring for the Earth's resources - take along a litter pick bag when you go geocaching and join a 'Cache in, Trash out' environmental event
  6. Adding some fun into your homeschool field trip activities!
sunset on the Isle of Mull

Lastly, if you struggle with the same problem as us - getting the kids to go on walks - geocaching for kids is one of those ideal geography games which gets your kids desperate to get into the outdoors!

Map Games

Getting kids interested in map reading activities is one of those life-long skills which homeschool geography can really encourage.

All you need do is to go on the geocaching website and sign up for free.

If you click on a map of the area around you it will give you the sites of all the hidden caches.

But, before you start your geography activities, here are some tips.

Geocaching Tips For Kids

  • You need to introduce geocaching games by picking some easy sites to begin with.
  • You don't need a GPS for many of them and the geocaches are marked with the level of difficulty.
  • Make this one of those whole family events. Even toddlers love finding treasure with our fun activities for toddlers and you can build on this with geocaching for kids activities.
  • Geography games are much more fun if you can find your cache and leave a present behind for someone else!   A perfect gift might be a needle felted toy, or a friendship bracelet.

Kids Geography

geocaching finding a cash

"We tried it recently. It is very fun. We plan to go again."

~ Lisa, homeschool-activities Facebook fan

Once you've found a few caches and got the hang of it, you could make your geography games really pay off by:

  • Finding a trackable geobug or geocoin etched with a unique code that can be used to log its movements on the map as it travels the world. Some of these items have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles thanks to geocachers who move them from cache to cache.
  • Setting up your own geocache and really putting map games to the test by working out its exact location.
geocaching app

"Can you do it with an iphone?"

~ Barbie, homeschool-activities Facebook fan

I'm going to be covering lots more map games and homeschool geography for kids but it was Hannah and Isaac who told us about geocaching (thanks you two!) and it's rapidly become our homeschool favorite.

geocaching logo

Have a go and see for yourself at:

geocaching site

"This is on our list of things to try!"

~ Tammy, homeschool-activities Facebook Fan

Geography really comes to life with geography games for kids!

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