Valentine Crafts For Kids:
Fun, Easy Activities For Valentine Day

Valentine crafts for kids are perfect for some fun and easy activities making use of the beautiful colors you get through chromatography.

Valentine Day crafts for kids come alive when you add drops of water onto marker pen colors.

The colors spray out into fascinating patterns and delicate hues - perfect for decorating hearts and flowers.

Easy crafts for kids are a great choice for making something to mark Valentine Day.

My children William and Catherine found chromatography totally absorbing - even though it's really simple and quick!

You can use chromatography to make beautiful butterflies and flowers - ideal for decorating Valentine Day cards.

Valentine hearts

Easy Crafts For Kids

If you put marker pen colors on blotting paper and then add drops of water, something magic happens.

The colors split up into their components and spread delicately up the paper, creating all sorts of fascinating unexpected effects ideal to use for all sorts of homeschooling kids crafts.

valentine hearts crafts
valentine heart

Valentine Day Crafts For Kids

Easy Valentine crafts for kids like this are great for any age, from those who can only just hold a pen on up to High School.

Because the effects are random it means this is one of those fun homeschool activities where everyone is equal. 

Plus, the materials you need for homeschooling fun crafts for kids are easy. You'll need:

  1. Blotting paper. (I believe watercolor paper works just as well)
  2. A selection of colored homeschooling marker pens. Chunky ones are best and easy for small kids to hold. You can use ordinary-size felt tips but the effects aren't quite as much fun; thicker color blobs and lines create bigger swirls when you add water.
  3. Something to add water. You could just sprinkle some on with a homeschooling paintbrush, but William and Catherine discovered homeschool Valentine crafts for kids are more fun if you use a medicine bottle pipette. They loved squeezing drops of water out of the pipette nozzle!
  4. Glitter glue pens (optional). You can use them to add patterns onto your crafts kids activities and they certainly make these homeschool Valentine Day hearts look prettier.

"Hi, I was reading about your valentine crafts and wondered where you found your blotting paper? TY!" ~ Lydia

Thanks for asking Lydia!  I couldn't find blotting paper in the US, but apparently watercolor paper works in the same way..



valentine hearts

Valentine's Day Party Invites

Why not add your Valentine Hearts to a Party invite to celebrate the Day?  Try out these great free printable invitations for Valentines.

Easy Kids Crafts

It's a good idea to practice on some homeschool blotting paper first to see what effects chromatography gives which you can make use of for homeschooling Valentine Day crafts.

Practice adding water droplets onto dots of color and see how the water spreads out from the wet part to the dry part taking the color with it.


  • Different size dots.
  • Wiggly and wavy lines.

Now you're ready to start the fun by decorating your homeschool heart for Valentine Day.

Fun Activities For Kids For Valentine Day

Valentine Day: Homeschool Hearts

I always struggle to get the shape symmetrical, so I draw half a heart, fold it over and cut round the shape so when I open it out both halves are identical.


To keep these activities easy for small kids, it might be a good idea for you to make a homeschooling heart template and then cut out lots of hearts yourself from the blotting paper.

That way even the youngest can enjoy homeschooling Valentine crafts for kids because all they need do to join in with easy crafts activities is to add dots of color and drops of water!

Homeschool Flowers

chromatography flower

This pretty homeschool Valentine flower was made entirely by William and Catherine.

You can see they've cut out two flower shapes and put one on top of the other. The homeschool glitter glue adds extra fun!

You can make these homeschooling Valentine Day flower crafts for kids more effective by adding pipe cleaner stalks.

For more fun activities and easy crafts for kids using homeschooling chromatography you could:

  1. Stick your hearts and flowers onto Valentine Day cards.
  2. Make a Valentine Day bookmark.

The History of Valentine's Day

antique Valentine's Day card

If you have older children, Wikipedia gives you the history of Valentine's Day, which is a nice interesting thing to know.

Valentine Crafts For Kids

Valentine's Day activities

There's a great list of Valentine's Day activities for different ages on this site.

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needle felted birds

Chromatography is perfect for easy Valentine crafts for kids and you can use the effects to make beautiful creations.

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