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Homeschool Unit Studies Activities

Our  human body for kids unit study makes it to number one of our free e-book of ten science experiments that won't let you down!  

You'll find fun activities and experiments for all ages.

human body for kids
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As you can see, lots of ideas...

Let's start with a view of a homeschool brain!

drawing of human skull
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"We made a lift flap version of daughters body when she first started homeschool - it was fantastic fun and stayed on the wall for about a year :)" ~ Anna Marie

Homeschool Unit Study

We'll start with some human body activities for young children and move on up.

number one

Make a stethoscope.

Use the cardboard tube inside a roll of paper towels for yours. Color it your favorite color.

Now try listening to each other's heart beats and see if you can count them.

See what happens when:

  • you lie and the floor, pretend to snore and go to sleep
  • you run round

Human Body Fact

The human body has an average of 5.6 liters of blood.

number two

See for yourself!

Take some red food coloring and add it to some water.

Get the kids to measure out the right amount in a big bucket.

You can find more water experiments in our homeschool unit study on ocean creatures.

number three

Try an easy experiment and make some blood!

You can enjoy being Dracula for a day by making blood out of food.

jelly beans

Get the kids to fetch:

  1. Red jelly beans for the red cells which carry oxygen
  2. White jelly beans for the white cells which fight infection
  3. Rice for platelets
  4. Corn syrup or olive oil for plasma
free printable for human body experiments making blood

You can get a download showing you the exact proportions of each of these you need to make human blood.

Click on our free human body for kids printable.

You'll find out that you'll need a lot of corn syrup!

And if you've had fun making blood, use that to spark your kids imagination to try lots more of our experiments!


Use your own body as a model.

Get your child to lie down on a large piece of paper and draw round their arms and upper torso. As William knows, this is where a human body for kids homeschool unit study gets ticklish!


Get a good kids book on the human body, trace round a few of the main organs and get the kids to color them in. You can make the drawings as simple as you like, or quite complex if your kids are high school age.


human body with organs diagram

One great idea is to make a lift-the-flap homeschool unit study of the human body. You'll see our lungs are attached to tabs which lift up to reveal the heart.

number five
model eyeball

Make an eyeball.

You'll need a:

  • ping pong ball cut in half for the eyeball
  • a small square of transparent acetate for the lens
  • blu-tack or similar to hold the lens in place
  • blue or brown shiny paper for the iris
  • black card for the pupil
  • shiny red foil for the retina

I reckon not many families come home to an eyeball on the table!

number six
Catherine with human skull

Investigate your brain.

Here's my daughter Catherine holding up the picture we traced of a human skull.

As part of your homeschool Unit Study, you can color in the areas of the brain and talk about what each does.

Human Brain Fact

The human brain is three times as big as the brain of any other similar sized mammal.

human heart diagram for kids

As you can see, our human body for kids homeschool unit study is all about getting hands-on!

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