Salt Dough Recipe
Easy Kids Crafts

Our simple homeschool salt dough recipe is perfect for young children to make all sorts of fun objects from play fruit to key rings.

You'll find:

  • A list of simple homeschool recipe ingredients
  • Handy tips
  • Activities and ideas for fun things to make with salt dough
  • Lots more easy kids crafts to try from marbling to wind streamers
salt dough and cookie cutters

Homeschool Salt Dough

We've used our tried and tested homeschooling dough recipe for years and it's never failed yet!

Our homeschooling recipe is really easy.

All you need is:

  1. 300g (10 oz.) plain flour
  2. 300g (10 oz.) salt
  3. 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  4. 200 ml water to mix into the salt dough recipe
  5. Clear varnish (optional; it just stops your creations going mouldy)

Mix the flour, salt and oil together and add the water until you get a soft dough.

Add more water to our homeschooling recipe if you need to.

Sprinkle some flour on a table where you're going to work, turn the salt dough out and knead it until it's smooth and stretchy.

That's it! You're ready to have fun with our homeschooling easy kids crafts.

playmobil plane

Fun Preschool Activities

play dough cat

Play dough recipe

Once you've finished making your crafts with the dough, you'll need to put them on some wax paper (called greaseproof paper in the UK) on a baking sheet in the oven.

Bake in the oven at 180°C/350°F/Gas Mark 4 for 20 minutes.

You can get your children to paint their creations with poster paint.

I never bother varnishing them; I think salt dough is best used to have fun on a rainy day.

By the time the mould appears, our crafts have usually met a timely end in the homeschool trashcan (shhh!)

salt dough recipe ingredients

Easy Kids Crafts

There are lots of things your kids can make with homeschool salt dough.

I think it's nice to have some crafts easy for kids that your children can make from very young which have some sort of practical use.

Here are some fun homeschooling ideas to show you how to make the most out of our salt dough!

N.B. Tree decoration and key rings will need attaching to a ribbon so remember to make a hole in your decoration with a cocktail stick for your ribbon to go through before you bake it in the oven!

christmas tree

Christmas Tree Decorations

You'll see from the photo you can buy Christmas cookie cutters; but just about any object your child makes would hang from a tree.

Birds, fish, bells...they all work perfectly made with our homeschool salt dough.

We've got lots more homeschooling ideas for the festive season, including decorated pinecones and snowflakes, on our page on easy Christmas ideas for kids.

Napkin rings

salt dough napkin rings

One of the crafts easy for kids is making circles out of the salt dough.

You can turn those circles into jewelry as homeschool bangles but they also make good napkin rings.


 You can make models out of salt dough. 

You'll see my daughter Catherine has made a cat using our homeschool Play Dough Recipe. It's just as easy to make as salt dough and uses very similar ingredients.

You can even make it smell nice by adding peppermint or vanilla.

Alphabet games

Paper mache recipe and how to make a lion mask

Homeschool key rings

Another very easy kid's craft is to use our homeschooling salt dough recipe to make key rings.

Dough Coil Pots

salt dough coil pot

Lots of bangles laid one on top of the other make easy kids crafts as a coil pot. Your children could use the pots for their treasures, jewelry or how about a bowl of homeschool play fruit?

Play food

How about pretend strawberries for lunch?

Easy crafts for kids work well if they are combined with fantasy food.

You can make play cakes, homeschool cookies and treats along with play fruit and even a play meal!

As you'll see in our homeschool activities for 2 year olds, it's nice to be a toddler cook alongside Mom using our salt dough recipe.

Homeschool fridge magnets

salt dough fridge magnet

You'll just need to buy some small magnets (or re-cycle some) and glue an animal your kids have made onto it.

Fish shapes work well for easy kids crafts.

By now you should have plenty of ideas for how to make the best use of our homeschooling salt dough recipe!

dinosaurs for kids activities

Dinosaur Activities

Where would you like to go now?

Here are some of my most popular homeschooling  pages.  Click on the pic to go to the page.  And - enjoy!

Colorful wind streamers are perfect for celebrating summer crafts for kids. Easy to make, they're ideal for outdoor activities and festivals.
marbled egg
how to draw a dragon
paper plate bird mask

Our homeschooling salt dough recipe is great for making lots of easy creations and spending a happy afternoon with your kids.

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