Home Schooling Your Child:
How To Make A Schedule

The final installment of my free e-Course on home schooling your child will help you make a schedule which suits all of you.

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When you're thinking of drawing up a schedule, Action Step Thirteen may seem a strange place to start!

action step thirteen
what are you going to schedule just for you?

But my e-course will have shown you that whether home schooling your child is a success or not depends on your happiness as much as your children's.

You deserve to CELEBRATE the wonderful and special person you are.

So you need to answer Action Step 13 and schedule in time just for you to make your homeschool successful for all of you.


You'll find tips on making a homeschool schedule here, including answering one of the big homeschooling questions:

  • how will I fit everything in?

I am in awe of what you are about to achieve.

When you look back to Action Steps One through Thirteen of my free e-course you will know the answers to the main questions you need think about when you are home schooling your child.

Gather your answers together, look through them, and you are ready to begin!

How you go about drawing up a schedule is entirely up to you.

Maybe you've got enough in your head already and are ready to set sail without writing anything down.

But the week ahead can seem a bit vast if you've got nothing planned!

And it's probably true that most of us find some sort of homeschool schedule useful - even if we don't call it that.

At the end of my How to Homeschool eBook there's somewhere for you to turn your dreams into reality.

homeschool planner

You'll find a place to write down how you think a month might look like in your own special homeschool.

All you need do now is start writing!

homeschooling secret involve the kids

P.S. You can do homeschooling and it will work.

Homeschoolers weren't born that way. They are MADE.
They LEARN how to do it.
And YOU can too.
Your support posse is waiting. You'll find lots of wonderful people out there who can share your worries, fears and triumphs.

And a good place to find them is on my Facebook and Google+ pages!


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As you can imagine, it's pretty difficult cramming a 150 page e-Book into a 7 page e-Course!

You'll find lots more help  in my e-Book, where I have space to help you work out your goals more clearly.

e-Book Bonus Features

1.  Find out scheduling secrets to help you so you know what works and what doesn't!

scheduling secrets

2.  Get inspiration and encouragement

Homeschooling is one of the most exciting, rewarding and fulfilling things you can do but it is also

  • challenging
  • difficult
  • frustrating
  • sometimes you just don't feel you're getting anywhere!

So it's nice to find reassurance that homeschooling is the right choice for your child.

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3.  Get ideas for fun activities you can pencil into your schedule which your kids enjoy.

  • My free monthly newsletter is my way of helping you discover how best to go about home schooling your child by showing you activities for all ages you can schedule into your time.
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Time to wish you all the very best on the most exciting journey you will ever take.

I’d like to give you a bunch of flowers!

homeschooling prize

Sadly I can’t, so I’ve made you a Homeschool Prize, which you’ll find waiting for you at the end of my How To Homeschool eBook.

Warm wishes to you and your special family,


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