Best Homeschool Gifts
For Birthdays

Choose the very best homeschool gifts to celebrate your child's Birthday with this guide which picks out extra special presents which are both fun and educational.

These presents come top of the list with our children William (now at Oxford University) and Catherine, or come highly recommended by over 9,000 fellow homeschoolers from my Facebook group.

homeschool birthday presents

Genuine recommendations from fellow homeschoolers are such a helpful guide because you know you're getting what other homeschoolers love.

Please note that the image links are affiliate links so if you buy you will pay exactly the same price as you would have done but I get a small percentage of the sale (which usually adds up to about half a cookie.)

If you would prefer not to support this site in that way, just go to Amazon and search for the book yourself.

N.B. This list is for the USA; if you are from the UK please click here.


Monica recommends Scanorama Books which have movable sliders to reveal virtual x-rays of the animals.

"These books are amazing, for anyone that is interested in animals, anatomy, x rays, etc." ~ Monica

And in our homeschool William and Catherine loved the entire UNCOVER series of books with their fantastic 3-D layered models.

Janet from my Courageous Homeschooling Facebook group has suggested a lovely game you can play exploring the oceans.  There are two versions, one for slightly older children and one for younger ones.

Endless Ocean

"I took these of my son playing Endless Ocean 2 on his time off the other week and thought you might like to see them, I think it's a wonderful, realistic and detailed game....It's very educational as the animals are shown in great detail in their natural environments and there are descriptions of each species, from whales and herring to goblin sharks, giant squid and angler fish.

There is a cast of characters, a story line and boats to dive from into some of the world's oceans and rivers."

~ Janet


The How to Draw series is fabulous for getting your child to understand the basics of drawing.

You can see a page here where we show you how the books work in real life to help your child draw animals.

David Attenborough

David Attenborough has hero status in our homeschool.  We watched him so often it felt like he used to pop in for tea every afternoon!

And in terms of learning, you couldn't hope for a better introduction to help your child see want an amazing Planet we live on and encourage us all to look after it.

Planet Earth II is simply fabulous.

When my children sent David Attenborough some of their homeschool drawings, he took the time to hand write letters to each of them individually. 

For an inspirational present, look no further.

Board Games

We love board games!  They are brilliant for a special Birthday present and bring the whole family together.

We can highly recommend all these games.  You need to pick the one which suits the time you have; Rob and I recently asked for Ticket to Ride as it is quick to play and easy to explain.

N.B. Recommended ages for playing are something you need to think about depending on your child; we found they were often misleading and, with help, younger children were often perfectly capable of joining in.

After all, most family games end up being played by all the family, from tiny to ancient!

Settlers of Catan

Catherine absolutely loves Settlers of Catan (guide age 10+) and for many years this was her main Birthday present.

You can see from our photo the different land tiles - hills, pasture, forest, mountains and fields. You trade resource cards with the other players to build houses, roads and cities. The resource cards are really nice and swapping sheep is great fun!

Our most recent purchase is Dominion which is a card deck game - great fun!

Board games are top of the list for best homeschool gifts; they are a wonderful way of bringing the whole family together.

Wildcraft board game

N.B. Wildcraft is highly recommended by many homeschoolers. 

"It is lovely and a cooperative game rather than a competitive one... Both children have learned a lot about herbs and their medicinal uses and it sparked a real interest in herbs and foraging." ~ Diana

"This game is so much fun to play. Kids want to play it everyday. Great general knowledge game." ~ Bianka

Children Just Like Me

It's wonderful when you can get your children to visit other children across the world!  Children Just Like Me and Celebrations are fantastic at making connections between all children, wherever they live.


Always good to have some classics among the list of best homeschool gifts! Wolves often are a child favorite, so White Fang is a perfect choice.  Little House on the Prairie is an enduring tale, as is William's favorite Jules Verne 20,000 leagues under the sea.

Coloring Books

Coloring books are really popular so I have slipped in a few for you to enjoy while the kids get on opening their presents.

The fabulous animal coloring book is by our favorite artist Tim Jeffs  who has been a great supporter of our daughter Catherine's homeschool art.  Wonderful book from a highly talented and modest artist.

Crafts And Activities

Sew Cool is a threadless sewing machine.

It is simple to use with no needles to thread and no foot pedal - basically you just push the button and the machine starts.

There are 9 projects to make including a purse, a pencil case and stuffed characters.

"Morgan absolutely loved it. She works on it at night for hours. I'd recommend it. I had actually read that it is the hottest new toy this Christmas." ~ Nikki

"I recommend it too, Kaitlyn loves it and I've had a sneaky go on it as well xx" ~ Emma

We love Klutz craft kits which easily come high on the list of best homeschool gifts.  They are all generally very good quality and perfect for a crafty child.

Our special favorites are the ones on how to make friendship bracelets (you can see how to make them here) and window art, but all the kits are good value.

Here is the page we made about hand art using a Klutz kit.  Great fun!

Here is a brilliant needle felting kit:

needle felt kit

"This starter kit is great."

~ Diana

We love needle felting as you can see from these birds!

needle felt birds

And you can go on to make some fabulous needle felted creatures, like the ones Catherine made from Little Felted Animals - a great homeschool Birthday present!

Monica has some brilliant suggestions for presents which appeal to young children.  She suggests getting a light table and using it for some great activities with sand, beads, marbles, and, as in this photo, agate pieces:

light box
light table
light table

Monica explains that there are all sorts of "things you can do on the light table, all sorts of blocks, shapes, figures, glass, plastic, colors, transparent things, play doh, sand, painting, etc." - and her photos show what fun it is!


Dinosaurs have to be one of the biggest hits in our homeschool, as you can see from this giant lapbook we made covering all our living room walls!

fun dinosaur activities

We also enjoyed stories featuring dinosaurs.  If you think your kids would enjoy dinosaurs in space, check out Astrosaurs - William has the complete series! Z-Rex is for the slightly older as it is a bit more scary.


If you want to inspire creative crafts, have a look at the Dragonology series with its fables, secret envelopes, lift the flaps and even dragon scales you can touch!

You can see some of the dragon crafts inspired by these books on my site.

Here is a great dragon model for you to make.

All the 'Ology series is really inventive and fun.


Usborne has some great encyclopedias - great if your child loves facts like my son!


Having a great globe is one of the exciting things about homeschool!

Insight Globes have ones with animals on - even one with dinosaurs!

Sheila and Maddy have the political globe - Maddy says she loves the colors :)

My Mom who homeschooled me wanted to buy a special globe for the children to have and she chose an illuminated National Geographic one.

It's expensive but really beautiful.


K'NEX is one of the best homeschool gifts because it sparks an interest in how things work and constructing simple models.  The amusement park filled the top of our garden!


When you're looking for best homeschool gifts you can't go wrong with lego!  Here's another example of a toy which teaches so well and so much. My friend's son wants to show off his jet fighter:

lego jet fighter made by Lucas

Lego teaches so many skills; here is a page with more than seventy different learning activities.

lego learning activities


Monica wants to recommend Magformers.  Her children have loved them as homeschool presents and she sent this photo to show you what you can do:

Magformer shape

"My kids love Magformers, you can make anything with them. Or magna tiles :)"

~ Monica


You have to blame William for these!  We acted as the (sometimes unwilling!) audience.  If your child loves magic, a good kit is a really exciting present.

Magic Kitten

Magic Kitten

"I think this is the 9th book in the Magic Kitten series she has read now....I love how much my big girl enjoys reading."

~ Alison

Magic School Bus

Magic School Bus

"My girls have recently discovered this show ( our doctor recommended it). It's educational and fun. I'd say suitable for 5-8 year olds. X" ~ Alison

"Our kids really enjoyed that show. They have a whole series of books that do with it which are also good!" ~ Lisa

Pop Ups

This is a series to collect; wonderfully inventive pop-ups from a fabulous artist.


I am certain that science is easier to teach at home than at school.  After all, the main thing you need to awaken is curiosity, which is what lies at the heart of everything.

I haven't included science kits in this list of the best homeschool gifts because we often found them a disappointment. 

But what we did find is some fantastic science books:

You'll notice quite a few of these are human body books - but then the place we live in really is fascinating.  We turned it into a project making blood from jelly beans as well as our own eye here.

Theodore Gray is mad - in the best sense.  He absolutely loves the elements and does some really daft things with them - and in the process he awakens an interest in the Periodic Table which will never dim.

Space is amazing; William is responsible for getting me interested as I have to say I didn't know much about it.  But an early project making a solar system with a cotton wool sun and leading on to a Voyager space probe got me hooked.

Brian Cox is a wonderful presenter and - like many of us over a certain age - rather a hero of mine! His books are aimed more at teens.

Story Books

Mog the Cat will always have a special place in our hearts, Judith Kerr's stories are so gentle and amusing.  Asterix and Tintin are all-time favorites; you might find (as with William and Catherine) that the cartoon style of short sentences encourages reading.

Old Bear brings back happy memories of the children being very young; you will love these cute stories with Old Bear the wise one always there to protect and look after his friends.  A definite must for best homeschool gifts for little ones!

Michael Morpurgo has to be part of any list of best homeschool gifts. He is one of the most talented story-tellers anywhere and, since his stories always include animals in some way, ideal if your child is an animal fan like our two!

Animal Ark and Little Animal Ark featuring the vet's daughter Mandy bring reassurance that the animals will get looked after in the end.

And for little ones, what could be nicer than a homeschool Birthday present of Paddington Bear, Winnie-the-Pooh and Elmer.

My friend Diana recommends books by Eva Ibbotson:

"We love her books! I can highly recommend them." ~ Diana

home school reading: kindergarten

You can see more books ideal for kindergarten here.

Great women who changed the world

"Just wanted to recommend a great book my daughter chose at the library......she has really enjoyed reading it and wants to find out more about some of them." ~ Anni x

Older Story Books

Warriors is Catherine's favorite; we have every single book and I can guarantee the latest in the series will be on her Birthday list this year!

Michelle Paver's Wolf Brother series is gripping and extremely well written; Alex Scarrow's Time Riders sneaks in a bit of homeschool history by the back door.

A few other highlights include the Indian in the Cupboard series and Peter Dickinson's The Kin.

Rick Riordan is a fabulously inventive writer who brings the Greek myths to life. If you can get your child interested, they will be great at quizzes forever - there always seems to be a question on Persephone and Hades, Theseus and the Minotaur or something similar which leaves most of us baffled!

The Hunger Games and the Divergent series are both hits in our best homeschool gifts for older teens.

And Harry Potter has to be on the list!

Best Homeschool Gifts: Wild Art Treasures

Tiger painting

Finally, my homeschool daughter Catherine has some fantastic animal gifts which she sells worldwide on her Wild Art Treasures Etsy shop.

She is following an unschooling route as a talented artist as you can see from her tiger painting.  Here's your chance to give a gift made by a homeschooler!

If your older child is into trying digital drawing on the computer, this is the one Catherine uses.

We find it excellent.  The size of the tablet is just big enough, the pen works well and Catherine has really enjoyed using it.

Homeschooling Books

Homeschool Secrets of Success
Amazon review Homeschool Secrets of Success

The best homeschool gifts include those that reaffirm your decision to homeschool.

If you're looking for a confidence boost, my new book Homeschool Secrets of Success would make the perfect gift.

It would be a lovely present for someone who is thinking about homeschooling or already doing it and would like some practical ideas and encouragement so they can trust that everything will work out fine.

"Great book Sonya." ~ Sheila



Order Now
Amazon review Homeschool Secrets of Success

This list of the best homeschool gifts is ideal when you are stuck for an idea for an unusual and special Birthday present.  I hope you enjoy these gifts as much as we have.

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